March 2, 2024
Google Sites Essentials and more

Google Sites Essentials and more

Google Sites Essentials and more

Google Sites Essentials

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100 Engaging Philosophical Questions for Kids

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

We all know kids are natural-born philosophers, always probing with those relentless ‘why’s and ‘how’s. So, why not channel that curiosity into some thought-provoking discussions? In this post, I’m serving up a list of philosophical questions designed just for young minds. These aren’t your average dinner table questions but prompts to explore th…

BBB: Choosing an online education? Make sure it’s real first
When searching for an online university, college or program to help you earn your degree on your own time, make sure it’s real first. Better Business Bureau reminds those searching for the right education program that a fast online degree isn’t always the best.

Harri Ketamo | Being Right or Wrong vs Improving the Practice | The Role of Research and Technology

EdTech Journeys

Harri Ketamo is an incredibly prolific Serial Entrepreneur and AI Pioneer from Finland, with a PhD in Information Technology, a Licentiate in Educational Psychology and a Masters in Education. He has 20+ years of experience in cognitive sciences, computational intelligence, complex adaptive systems and game development. Since 2015, he’s the Found…

Logitech anuncia la webcam articulada Reach para streaming, e-learning y presentaciones
Logitech ha anunciado Reach, una “cámara flexible de mostrar y contar”, básicamente una webcam HD montada en un sistema articulado con bisagras. Está pensada para educadores y creadores de contenidos que quieran mostrar a su público una vista aérea o en primer plano de un portátil …

SETDA 2023 State EdTech Trends Report

EdTech Digest

The 2022-23 school year was arguably the first since before the COVID-19 pandemic when leaders, educators, students, and families weren’t worrying about the immediate dangers of a novel virus upending the health and lifestyles of communities around the world, according to State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA). But the wheel …

Free Online College Admission & Financial Aid Workshop | Naugatuck, CT Patch
Patch – Please join us for a free online educational, college planning and financial aid workshop for parents of high school and middle school students this Thursday, Sept. 21 at 10 am. Even if your family is not eligible for need-based aid … This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author’s own. Naugatuck|Featured Event. Free Online College …

Excel for Intermediate Users – The Complete Course

Technology for Teachers and Students

Are you ready to go beyond the Excel basics that you already know? This video is for you! You learn how to manage a large spreadsheet, how to work with multiple worksheets, how to work with data (including grouping and importing data, and more), advanced chart skills, how to work with data lists, how to document and audit a spreadsheet, and advanc…

Trades-related classes available online
KENASTON. — More students may take notice of, and enrol in, agricultural online high school classes under the new Saskatchewan Distance Learning Corp. Sask DLC, as it’s known, was established as a new Treasury Board Crown corp. last year to centralize online Kindergarten to Grade 12 education in the province…

How to Minimize Common Device-Related Risks in Higher Education

EdTech Magazine: Higher Ed

Devices are crucial in higher education for faculty, staff and students. After the scramble to purchase devices for them to use during the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education institutions often failed to think about what was to come. According to an EdTech X (formerly Twitter) poll, 43 percent of respondents are most concerned about cybersecurity w…

Introducing EvoBOT – The Agile and Adaptable Robot Helper

Champion EdTech

Meet EvoBOT, an innovative autonomous mobile robot built for flexibility and wide-ranging applications from logistics to urban environments. With advanced robotic arms, EvoBOT goes beyond basic pick and place to perform more complex object manipulations like receiving, turning, and handing over items. Watch as this nimble robot smoothly picks up …

“Then You go to Snap”: Multimodal Making of Digital Comics in a Language Arts High School Classroom

Latest Results for Educational Technology Research and Development

This paper extends research that looks at the intersection of multimodal composing and maker education. We present findings from a fourth iteration of a multidisciplinary classroom design study in which high school youth made digital comics based on literary novels in an 11th grade language arts classroom in a…