E-Mail coursework from home and attain a qualification within a year!

Do you want to learn Greek from the comfort
of your own home, anywhere in the world? Then The Greek Institute Correspondence
Courses are just right for you. We offer four levels of courses which lead to
qualifications. Click on
each one for further information:

1. Beginners Course

2. Intermediate Course

3. Advanced Subsidiary Course
(AS Level)

4. Advanced Course

5. Diploma in Modern Greek
Studies OR

6. Diploma in Greek Translation

These courses are for anyone living in any part of the
world, who wish to learn Modern

The above courses are suitable for those students who wish to
qualify and obtain a qualification in Modern Greek. The courses are entirely
based on coursework (continuous assessment) and satisfactory completion of the
course will lead to the award of the appropriate Certificate / Diploma of the
Greek Institute, subject to the student passing only the Oral Part of the

Flexibility and Length of course: For the above
courses the student can register at any time of the year.
The registration for the Preliminary and Intermediate Certificates is
valid for a period of one year. For the Advanced certificate the
registration is valid for 18 months and for the Diploma the registration
is valid for two years. Many students, however, are able to
complete the courses much earlier than the time allocated. There is also
flexibility, in that the student may send as many or as few pieces of work at a
time and may also phone the tutor for advice. The students must enclose a SAE
each time they send their work. Alternatively coursework can be sent via e-mail

If for any reason students are unable to
complete the course within the specified period, they are able to extend their
registration by paying a small additional registration fee.

We strongly advise students on the Advanced and Diploma
Courses to subscribe to a Greek Weekly Newspaper or to a Weekly Magazine (Annual
subscription: £150) in order to be kept informed with current events in Greece
and Cyprus. This will help them enrich their knowledge of the Greek language as
well as with their writing of Greek essays. Subscriptions to Greek Weekly
Newspapers or Magazines can be arranged through the Greek Institute.

Payment of fees : All fees for the course and the books
are paid in advance and are not refundable. All cheques should be made payable
to The Greek Institute.


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