December 2, 2023


Author: Ray Schroeder
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By eLearning Inside

The holographic presence technology can open up a whole new dimension in interactive online education. All it takes is a projector and transmitter that scans a person’s body. Once your body is scanned, you can enjoy guest lectures from all over the world by being present in the virtual classroom and sharing the same workspace.  One of the possible applications of this technology is creating standardized classrooms that support hologram guest lectures in every university. They can be identically sized and fitted out with the same equipment. Thus, constructing the same workspaces worldwide will make it possible for students to attend lectures conducted by Google developers, NASA astronauts, Olympic games winners, book authors, etc. The presenter will be able to teach students from all over the globe by being physically present only in one classroom, while their listeners will see their holographic projection.

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