March 5, 2024

How Online Learning Platforms Can Support Lifelong Learners And Drive Business

Author: Ray Schroeder
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Kirill Bigai, Forbes

In the 21st century, learning and even formal education are no longer just for kids and college-age students. As Hunt Lambert, Dean of Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education, observes, learning may be something we begin to pursue in earnest during our teen years, but it is increasingly something we continue throughout our working years and even into retirement. Lambert describes this cycle as the 60-year curriculum , but whatever you call it, one thing is clear: Lifelong learning is becoming the norm. Thirty years ago, most CEOs likely wouldn’t be boasting about their ongoing program of continuing education, but we live in a new world — one where the demand and ability to keep learning throughout one’s career is something we all need to embrace.

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