February 24, 2024

How Online Students Do Prom!

Author: BloggED Staff
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ALVA Students next to riverboat prom

As the school year comes to a close, high schools across the country host a night to remember: prom!

Many students look forward to this annual tradition – especially those who attend school online. People often wonder what it is like to attend an online school’s prom. Other than how the students met and became friends, it is not that different from a brick-and-mortar event. The students get dressed up, bring dates, take photos and dance the night away.

Prom is just one of many in-person events hosted by online
schools, allowing students to meet the friends they have made throughout the

The 2019 K12-powered proms came in many different shapes,
sizes, and themes, including Arkansas Virtual Academy’s Masquerade Ball, North
Carolina Virtual Academy’s Shine-On Prom, Utah Virtual Academy’s Vintage Hollywood
Prom, Wyoming Virtual Academy’s Kentucky Derby Prom, and Ohio Virtual Academy’s
Starry Night in Paris Dance.

Each event showcased schools’ uniqueness and creativity,
right down to some of the fabulous venues. California Virtual Academy joined
other online students at the LA Homeschool Prom, held on the 74th
floor of the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles. Michigan Virtual Charter Academy
hosted their night at the beautiful botanical gardens of the Frederick Meijer
Park, and Alabama Virtual Academy had their Night on the River where else, but
on a riverboat!

Online public school students have made great strides in their virtual classrooms this year, and on prom night they made memories that will last a lifetime. Check out some of the photos from these fun-filled events!