May 22, 2024

How to Help Everybody Do Math

Author: (Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher)
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Vanessa Vakharia gives us the language to help kids overcome adversity in learning

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Learning can be hard. Many students struggle. Teachers can struggle to help students learn content but what do we do when students have thinking that is limiting their ability to learn. In today’s show, we talk about math, but the language and metaphors that Vanessa Vakharia shares today can be used in any subject. These ideas can help any teacher improve helping students overcome a mindset of self-defeating thoughts.

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Challenge for this show

After listening to this show, pick a metaphor that you will use to help students who are struggling. Whatever topic you teach, you can find a way to back up from a situation and help a learner gear up to overcome the obstacles to master a topic. Next time you’ve got a student struggling, step back and ask yourself about his or her mindset and address that before you reengage with learning.

Vanessa Vakharia – Bio As Submitted

a math book for kids, podcast host and leading expert in the field of youth engagement in education. She runs a math and science tutoring centre in Toronto and is a frequent speaker at math education conferences, in addition to regular media interviews on the topic.


Twitter: @themathguru

Instagram: @themathguru


Vanessa’s thesis on how media affects girls’ perception of their math ability, “Imagining a World Where Paris Hilton Loves Math”:

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