July 18, 2024

How to Read Glass and Disposable Thermometers

How to Read Glass and Disposable Thermometers

Author: AlliedHealthToolsLLC via YouTube
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In this video, you will watch and practice how to read a glass thermometer like the Mercury-Free Oral Glass Thermometer, and read disposable thermometers like the TempaDot and NexTemp single-use thermometers.

After watching this video, sharpen your skills by completing the engaging activities and practice quizzes found in this course: https://ahtlearn.com/p/skillsdrills-activity-packs

Intended audience: Allied Health Students, Health Care Workers

0:00 Introduction and Importance
1:20 Reading a Mercury-Free Oral Glass Thermometer
4:36 Reading a Disposable Thermometer 1
6:22 Reading a Disposable Thermometer 2
8:03 Tips for Success and Conclusion

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