December 7, 2023
How’s the Weather? 🌈⛅ WEATHER SONGS FOR KIDS | Lingokids

How’s the Weather? 🌈⛅ WEATHER SONGS FOR KIDS | Lingokids

How’s the Weather? 🌈⛅ WEATHER SONGS FOR KIDS | Lingokids

Video by Lingokids Songs and Playlearning via YouTube
How’s the Weather? 🌈⛅ WEATHER SONGS FOR KIDS | Lingokids

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How’s the weather like today? At Lingokids it’s… plenty of fun! Check out our best weather songs for kids and learn while singing.

In this "How’s the weather" songs for kids compilation:
00:00 Lingokids intro
00:02 Lingokids Weather Song Dance
02:21 It’s raining, it’s pouring
04:30 Solids song
06:24 Summer song
08:20 Desert Song
09:49 Seasons song
11:43 Holidays song
13:48 Itsy bitsy snowman
15:12 Lingokids ABC song Holiday!
17:36 Lingokids’ YouTube Channels
17:43 The Lingokids app

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