July 19, 2024

Immigrating from Colombia to the US and Teaching Spanish and English as a Second Language

Immigrating from Colombia to the US and Teaching Spanish and English as a Second Language

Author: Skillabration via YouTube
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On Episode 12 of the Skillabration Podcast Nikki interviews Laura Mann, one of the Spanish teachers at Skillabration.

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Laura holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Foreign Languages and a Graduate Certificate in Spanish Language Education. Originally from Colombia, she has been teaching English, French, and Spanish as a second language both in the USA and her home country since 2018, across various educational levels from kindergarten to adult in private and public schools.

She is very creative and passionate about languages and cultures, Laura strives to immerse students in the Spanish language while sharing her Latino cultural traditions, customs, and holidays alongside those of other Hispanic countries.

Highlights From The Episode
🔥What made Laura interested in teaching and learning French and English
🔥 Interesting facts about Colombian culture
🔥 Laura’s experience immigrating to the US and being an au pair
🔥 Misconceptions and stereotypes about US culture
🔥 Advice for students learning a foreign language

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