December 8, 2023

Innovation and communication technologies: Analysis of the effectiveness of their use and implementation in higher education

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In our research, we have developed and conducted a survey to determine the quality of implementation and organisation of ICT from the point of view of university students. The study was conducted in two groups of students, intramural and extramural, to identify a common problem of domestic education. The survey focuses on various aspects: a student view of education programme innovativeness, teachers’ participation in the ICT introduction, and the technological support in selected universities. These developments can be useful for universities that faced with the problem of introducing innovation and communication technologies. The recommendations described in the research can be used as a solution to the current problems associated with the organisation of ICT. On the way to solving the problem of using and introducing innovative technologies in higher education, it is very important to reorganize all aspects: completeness of education programmes, technological literacy of teachers and technical support provided by universities.

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