July 24, 2024

Introducing the Learning Upgrade Challenge

Introducing the Learning Upgrade Challenge

Video by Learning Upgrade App via YouTube

The Learning Upgrade Challenge is a competition that will transform the lives of 1 million adult learners.

With everything we’ve learned from the Adult Literacy XPRIZE, we’ve realized that the best way to reach the 36 million adult learners in desperate need of literacy and numeracy skills is through an ongoing competition. The Learning Upgrade Challenge will bring education providers together in competitions to see who can log the most adult learner literacy and math progress each semester. Education providers can join challenges through their associations and receive access to the program. Instructors receive training and then onboard, track, and motivate learners. Providers, instructors, and learners will compete for rewards based on activity during each challenge semester.

Learn More: https://wp.me/p1D6o1-1lj

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