December 11, 2023

Investigating the relationship between learning style and game type in the game-based learning environment

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The game-based learning, which uses computer games to improve performance and learning, is a new field which can be used as a powerful educational tool. To increase the effectiveness of educational games, new games fit the learning styles of each individual can be made to have a customized learning environment. Currently, playing computer games have become far more widespread among Iranian youth and teenagers who are mostly students. Accordingly, this study investigated the relationship between the Felder-Silverman learning styles model (FSLSM) and four types of games. To this end, the research data were collected from 121 students at the universities in Qom province. Then the results are analyzed using Pearson’s chi-squared test and Crosstab. Three of seven hypotheses (the relationship between visual learning style and simulation game, sequential learning style and puzzle game, sensing learning style and casual game) were confirmed which can be the guide to design games in the environment of game-based learning more effectively.

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