September 26, 2023

ISTE Teacher Education Network Book Study – Edumagic

Author: Chris Turnbull
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Today is the first day of the ISTE Teacher Education Network Book Study that I am participating in.


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Edumagic: A Guide for Preservice Teachers 
by Samantha Fecich

“This book challenges the thought that “teaching” begins only after certification and college graduation. Instead, it describes how students in teacher preparation programs have value to offer their future colleagues, even as they are learning to be teachers! This book provides positive examples, helpful tools, and plenty of encouragement for preservice teachers to learn, to dream, and to do.” ~ EduMatch

I’m looking forward to reading this book and expanding my professional learning network with other educators. Knowing what kind of edtech training preservice teachers have in their university courses helps me to support them better while they are doing their student teaching at schools in my school district.
Join the book study on Twitter under the hashtags #ISTETEN and #Edumagic.

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