It’s National Online Learning Day!

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By J. Thompson

September 15 is National Online Learning Day, which is meant to recognize the advancements in education technology, curriculum and the ability for institutions of higher education to further meet the needs of lifelong learners asynchronously. As more learners choose to connect and facilitate education using their mobile devices and computer systems, the more online learning has become an essential element in the overall learning experience.

“National Online Learning Day showcases how students of all ages are thriving with the ability to learn online—anywhere, anytime.” —

More and more working professionals with additional responsibilities are utilizing online learning to fit access to education into their busy lives without disrupting their schedules. It’s allowing more people to continue working toward their degree while balancing multiple responsibilities.

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The growth in online learning is helping to create more affordable options for learners. From blended learning options to fully online programs, online learning has become ubiquitous and essential to nearly every education model form college to corporate learning and K-12 education.

Celebrating Over 100,000 Graduates

American Public University is part of the accredited American Public University System, which, announced it surpassed 100,000 alumni on September 3, 2020. The university has conferred over 114,800 associate, bachelor’s, master’s degrees and certificates to dynamic, service-minded professionals making a difference in their communities.

In the past two years alone, over 20,000 students have received APUS degrees and certificates, and, separately, about 30% of APUS alumni who completed an undergraduate degree in 2019 have returned to pursue a second degree.

“Our 100,000-plus alumni have helped us become a premier higher education provider to military and public service communities, and today you’ll find our graduates in fulfilling roles at NASA, the Pentagon, in the U.S. Armed Forces, in public service and in the private sector,” said University President Dr. Wade Dyke.

“Our core mission has always been to provide a high-quality education that is accessible, relevant, inclusive and affordable. We continuously seek ways to serve our students.” The university believes in and promotes lifelong learning, community engagement, inclusivity, and celebrating the many accomplishments of our students and graduates.

Prepared to Meet the Challenge in Uncertain Times

Many aspects of higher education were forced to quickly adapt to the deep and widespread changes necessitated by mitigating the COVID-19 pandemic. While the movement to work from home has impacted higher learning differently, APU collectively and quickly adjusted to social distancing by working remotely to protect our workforce from the potential spread of the virus—all while maintaining operational capacity to continue serving students.

The university was an early adopter of online learning to expand access to education for the U.S. military—a mobile population with changing schedules. They continued to innovate, and today the university is a leading provider of asynchronous, online education nationwide.

The university was recognized as the five-time winner of the Online Learning Consortium’s (OLC) Effective Practice Award. OLC is a nonprofit association originally known as the Sloan Consortium, and was one of the first to organize a landing page to assist colleges and universities looking for assistance in going online in an emergency situation.

Advisors and staff are answering nearly every call, responding to emails, working with partners, and adapting policies to mirror the changing circumstances. Ultimately, they’re listening and responding to students. Additionally, faculty members are not only credentialed in their academic disciplines—they were already well-versed and trained in online education delivery and communications with students at a distance.

The university’s online resources and rich engagement extend to students and alumni through Career Services, which is dedicated to helping connect employers with our community of learners. The university hosts virtual career fairs (VCFs) throughout the year, bringing together hiring managers from leading organizations in government and private industry, while providing resume reviews, interview coaching seminars, and other essential services at no cost to students and alumni.

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It’s National Online Learning Day!
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