Kim Knight on emotional healing & transformation of consciousness

Kim Knight on emotional healing & transformation of consciousness
Kim Knight on emotional healing & transformation of consciousness

Author: Robito Chatwin via YouTube
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Kim Knight on emotional healing & transformation of consciousness

Kim Knight is a health and personal development coach specialising in chronic health conditions, emotional healing and transformation of consciousness. Kim is also on the Mind Health Committee of the World Council for Health.

For the past 25 years she’s followed two pathways simultaneously – one is the healing root (to identify the root cause of illness) and the other side is consciousness, spirituality and learning from many enlightened teachers.

In this conversation, Kim talks about her ‘awakening’ journey, which started with thinking ‘there must be more to life’ at 25 years old. Kim shares how she then found herself suffering from clinical depression which spiralled down into a pit of darkness until she suddenly “surrendered” and came out the other side.

This led her to start looking outside the mainstream medical system for what she had experienced, which included many different types of therapies and exploring spirituality.

The final stage of Kim’s awakening journey so far began with the announced pandemic and the discovery that “there’s a whole level of corruption and deceit and planned agendas .. and it’s all connected.”

Kim dives deep into the topic of depression and how depression is “the de-pressing of emotions.”

Kim suffered 10 years with chronic fatigue and shares how emotional energy can create havoc emotionally, mentally and physically when trapped inside.

She explains how emotions are a form of energy and different emotions affect different organs within the body.

Kim goes into the importance of learning how to face and acknowledge our feelings, so we can clear emotional pain.

Next Kim talks about enlightenment, what it is, and that we are here in duality consciousness working our way towards unity consciousness.

Kim expands that to develop spiritually – and be a spiritual being – we need to purify our body, our mind, our emotions, and purify ourselves energetically.

Kim moves on to talk about what she calls “the problem” – the outer manifested problems like climate breakdown, food problems, etc. – and that to solve any problem on a personal or global scale we have to look at the metaphysical reasons why the problem is appearing.

Ultimately it comes back to separation, duality, polarity, and our collective evolution towards unity consciousness. Kim explains that meditation is a tool to take our attention inwards so that we can still the mind, access these deeper levels of our being, and grow that connection.

It is important, Kim says, to understand what is going on in the world, but the most important thing is to be doing the inner work because then we will understand things from a much wiser perspective and be able to contribute better to the world in a more authentic and positive way.

We discuss the resistance to doing inner work and the activities that we can do to bring the senses inwards, including the importance of cultivating trust, openness, love, gratitude and respect.

Kim explains that every person’s journey is unique, but there needs to be a deep desire to get well, feel better and change.

Kim’s new The Bigger Picture series gives people hope, faith and optimism that things can change by helping people join the dots to understand what is going on in our physical plane reality but also to understand the metaphysical evolution of humanity that has been taking place over millions of years.

The Bigger Picture launches with a free webinar on 31st March 2023. Register here:

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Kim Knight on emotional healing & transformation of consciousness

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