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Welcome to the Baugo Community Schools e-Learning page!

Baugo Community Schools has been approved to use eLearning days during the 2018-2019 school year! The use of eLearning days will help support student learning, minimize changes to the school calendar, and allow parents to make plans with more confidence.

Electronic Learning (eLearning) refers to days where students complete their classwork on the internet outside of school (home, library, etc). These eLearning days can be built into the schedule or used on inclement weather days.

For the 2018-19 school year, there are still built in snow days. That means that this year on an inclement weather (snow day) we will be cancelled as normal. We will make up the day as an e-learning day on the next scheduled make-up day.

What devices are used for e-Learning days?

Jimtown High School and Middle School students use their Chromebooks to go online for assignments and instructional materials on regular school days as well as school closing days. They carry their devices with them home as well.

Jimtown Intermediate and Elementary students use chromebooks or iPads at school, but do not carry Chromebooks or iPads home. Many of them are adept at using electronic devices at school and at home, and can use the internet safely with teacher or parent supervision.

Click on the Baugo e-Learning portal link at the right of the page to get started!

Learning – Baugo Community School

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