Major Changes at e-Literate and MindWires

Author: Michael Feldstein
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All good things must come to an end.

After nearly seven great years as business partners and an even longer run as co-bloggers, Phil and Michael, a.k.a. the Statler and Waldorf of ed tech, are undergoing a process that Gwyneth Paltrow calls “conscious uncoupling.”

(Is it weirder that we’re referring to ourselves in the third person or that we’re quoting Gwyneth Paltrow? Anyway…)

We’ve had great fun together and hopefully done a little good in the world, but we each need to be doing different things at the moment. Phil will be keeping MindWires as well as the LMS Market Analysis subscription service. He will be forking to his new blog home at, but all historical posts will remain at e-Literate. He will continue to cover ed tech and online / hybrid education market trends in general, and basically all the stuff that you’re used to reading about from him. Email subscribers to e-Literate will initially be subscribed to Phil’s blog but will be given clear options to opt out. That said, you should follow his blog. It’s going to be great.

Michael is going to stay right here at e-Literate. His new business will help universities and education companies adopt the innovations that are being contributed by the Empirical Educator Project network and, more generally, helping organizations to improve their educational impact. In keeping with that new venture, e-Literate will be returning to its roots of likewise focusing on the nuts and bolts of education, only covering technologies, companies, and markets from angles that set the context for discussions of educational impact. Expect a blog post from him here on e-Literate with more details soon.

This does not mean that you have heard the last from Statler and Waldorf. We remain friends and, more importantly, one of us owes the other money. (We won’t say who.)

Keep your ears open. From time to time, you will still hear some cackling from the cheap seats.

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Major Changes at e-Literate and MindWires
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