Make Photos Speak In Multiple Languages

Author: Lisa Nielsen
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There is technology that allows you to take a photo of a poster, book, page from a magazine, etc. then convert it to text. From there it can be read aloud, translated, and read aloud in the translated language. It can also be brought into a word processing program for editing in the translated language to increase accuracy.

Here are some ways this technology makes content accessible to learners: 

  • Visually impaired learners can hear the content read
  • Learners who are not reading at the level of the text can have the content read to them
  • Learners for whom English is not their first language can have the content translated. It can also be read to them in their language.

How To:

Here is how this works:

First, on your phone, take the photo in Office Lens. Then save it to OneNote.
screenshot of saving a photo to OneNote in Office Lens.
Next, go to your computer and open OneNote. Then, follow these steps:

·        Go to “View” in the menu

·        Select “Immersive Reader”

o   This converts the photo into text

·        Go to the bottom of the screen a select the play arrow

o   This reads the text

·        Select “Reading Preferences” in the top right part of your screen

·        Go to “Translate”

·        Pick a language

·        Select “Document”

o   Now your document is translated

·        You can go to the bottom of the screen and select the play arrow to hear the document read aloud

Here is a demonstration:

Your turn

What do you think? Is this something you might use with your students? How do you see using it?

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Make Photos Speak In Multiple Languages
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