June 23, 2024
Modern Math Learning and more

Modern Math Learning and more

Modern Math Learning and more

Episode 243: Derivita’s Blueprint for Modern Math Learning

My EdTech Life Podcast

Join us on My EdTech Life as we engage with Devlin Daley, co-founder of Derivita, to discuss the platform’s revolutionary impact on math education. Discover how Derivita’s seamless LMS integration, dedication to accessible learning, and instant analytics transform how math is taught and assessed from K-12 to higher education. We’ll hear about …

OpenAI DevDay Leaks: Unveiling the New ChatGPT Gizmo V8 & AI Innovations

Champion EdTech

@OpenAI Dive into the buzz surrounding OpenAI’s DevDay with the latest leaks and reveals! Get a glimpse of the Gizmo V8, a new ChatGPT prototype that’s shaking up the AI world. From potential major updates for developers to rumored new pricing plans and cutting-edge capabilities, we’re unpacking all the rumors and facts. With features like GPT-4,…

Thriving in Online Teaching 

Online Education Archives – Faculty Focus | Higher Ed Teaching & Learning

After 20 years in online teaching, my experience and research has taught me some things that have helped cultivate a long and meaningful career.   When I started teaching online in my twenties, I was so excited about it that I told all my friends they should do it too. I thought, Who wouldn’t love asynchronous discussions, visual anonymi…

Twelve Things to Know About Online Education at the U of A | University of Arkansas
News – University of Arkansas

Online education is our thing at the University of Arkansas Global Campus, and we’re celebrating National Distance Learning Week by sharing how we can help you if you are an instructor or student in an online course …

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Ed Tech PH

How to manage the hidden costs of education technology

SmartBrief on EdTech

While education technology advances rapidly with generative AI, schools need to consider the hidden costs of implementing new -More- …

How Tech Infrastructure Can Keep Up with Rising HBCU Enrollment

EdTech Higher Magazine

The higher education enrollment crisis in the U.S. has affected colleges and universities of all sizes, from the smallest community colleges to the largest public and private institutions. In a time of mounting challenges, though, there are some silver linings. Many colleges and universities have become more reactive to students’ wants and needs, e…

The Excel TYPE Function

Technology for Teachers and Students

Learn how to use the Excel TYPE function to return the type of a value, such as text, number, or logical value. It can be useful in a variety of situations, such as when you need to determine the type of data in a cell or when you want to perform different calculations based on the type of data in a range of cells. ***Consider supporting Technolog…

Top U.S. School District Technology Leaders Demand Better ‘Focus’ with EdTech Companies

EdTech Digest

EdTech Digest launches ‘Future Focus Forums’ in conjunction with FETC. By popular demand, EdTech Digest announces the launch of ‘Future Focus Forums’ in conjunction with The National Future of Education Technology® Conference (FETC®), the nation’s largest independent K-12 edtech event transforming the future of learning. “A group of th…

DIESOL 092 – Why We Left Twitter and Where Do We Go From Here?

The DIESOL Podcast | EdTech in ESL

All good things come to an end. Do not worry! We are still here, just no longer on Twitter. This year we are saying our official goodbye to Twitter. Brent and Ixchell discuss why they made the decision to leave the platform and why they felt it no longer aligned with the reason they initially joined. Have you been considering transitioning to othe…

60 Hilarious Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids are the topic of our blog post today! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to share some laughter and good vibes. Today, I’ve got a gobble-gobble bunch of Thanksgiving jokes that are perfect for kids or anyone young at heart. These jokes are all about turkeys, Pilgrims, and eve…