May 22, 2024

New for partners: Redesigned course authoring and admin tools

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By Jennifer Wolochow, Senior Product Manager at Coursera

Coursera is committed to helping our 200+ university and industry partners create transformational learning experiences. Authoring and managing courses is a vital aspect to our platform, and the tools to do so are used by thousands of partners on a weekly, if not daily, basis. That’s why we’re excited to announce redesigned course authoring and admin tools. 

After extensive research and a beta program with over 60 partners, where nearly all partner participants preferred the new tools to the old ones, we’re introducing a revamped admin and authoring experience for all partners. With the redesigned tools, course creation and management happens seamlessly for even the largest of course staff teams, decreasing turnaround time and leading to even more top-quality content. 

Here’s how the redesigned tools work: 

After logging in, you’ll notice that the page looks the same, displaying a list of your institution’s courses that you have permission to view. Click on a course to edit or view. 

From here, you’ll see the redesigned course overview page, which applies to the course as a whole. This is where you can edit the landing page, general course settings, add course staff, view course dashboards, and send course announcements. All instances of your course are clearly listed on the new course overview page, making it simpler to choose which one you’d like to edit. This set-up also makes it easier to manage both public and private instances within a single course shell.  

Once you choose an instance-specific course page (for example, “Private: Spring 2019”) to edit, you’ll see all of the course instance-specific Content, Grading, Learner, and Settings pages. We’ve replaced the old dropdown menus with a clear header at the top of each instance page confirming which course version or group you’re currently editing. We’ve also introduced navigation “breadcrumb trails” that act as a convenient signposting tool at the top of each page.

Pro tip: to easily distinguish between the different public versions of your course within the course overview page, we’ve made it easy for you to rename them on this page. Click the “…” menu next to any instance of your course to rename the version or group. 

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