April 13, 2024

News: New rule book and updates released ahead of World’s Toughest Mudder.

Author: Bonnie Wilson
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In a post to the World’s Toughest Mudder Community, Tough Mudder released an update announcing changes coming to this year’s race, which will take place on November 16, 2019, in Atlanta Georgia.

Changes to the Team Event:

Section 10.01 ELIGIBILITY

Teams must have registered in the Team Relay category and received approval from TMHQ Race Director prior to the start of the event.

Team Relay competitors can register here and must do so by October 18, 2019.

Teams must be comprised of either 2 or 4 athletes

All athletes registered to a team must complete the first -and- last lap of the race together, as a full team;

If any member of a team is disqualified from the competition due to cheating or rules infraction, the entire team is subject to disqualification;

Section 10.02 RACE PROCEDURE

All team members must complete the first and last lap of the event together as a team;

All other laps must be completed (with exception to the first and last lap) with a minimum of 50% of team members together for an official lap to count

Teams may complete laps with more than 50% of team members together if desired

If desired, team members not on an active lap carrying the team timing chip may run individual lap(s) to gain individual miles, but only the team timing chip will count towards the final Team Relay mileage

Team members on active laps with the team timing chip must cross each timing mat within 60 seconds of each other

All team members must complete the penalty if any single team member is unable to complete the associated obstacle

For four-person teams, all relay laps completed between the first and last lap of the event can be completed by any combination of team members.

For example:

Athlete 1 runs three laps in a row, each with a different teammate;

Athlete 1 & Athlete 2 run one lap together, Athlete 3 & Athlete 4 run one lap together, repeat;

Athlete 1 & Athlete 2 run three laps together, Athlete 3 & Athlete 4 run three laps together, repeat;

Each team athlete will have an individual timing chip and will be eligible for individual mileage rewards, including mileage patches and bibs. Only miles run by the individual athlete, not that of the team, will count towards individual mileage awards;

Each team will be given an additional timing chip. The chip must be carried at all times by team members on an active lap. Only miles registered by the team relay timing chip will count towards official team mileage.

Obstacle Bypass Award:

Upon completion of 30 miles, athletes will receive (1) rubber wristband. This wristband can be given to a volunteer at an obstacle to bypass that obstacle.

(1) rubber wristband will be given to each athlete upon completion of every lap after 30 miles for single-use to bypass an obstacle.

All members of a team wishing to bypass an obstacle must hand over (1) rubber wristband for each member of the team.

Any athlete caught giving and/or receiving wristbands to and/or from other athletes will be subject to disqualification.

Golden Carabiner:

Golden Carabiners will be available throughout the race and redeemed upon completion of on-course challenges.

Some challenges will be detailed in Race Briefing at the beginning of the event and additional challenges will be updated throughout the event at the Race Center.

Full competition rules: 2019 WTM Rules

Friday Hot Lap

Tough Mudder also released information on the new “Friday Hot Lap” which allows participants, pit crew members and the general public to be able to do one lap of the course, all obstacles inclusive.

Location: Bouckaert Farms

Address: 10045 Cedar Grove Road, Fairburn, GA  30213

WhenFriday, November 15, 2019 from 2pm – 4pm; 1 wave only

Price: FREE for Registered WTM Participants

$25 for Pit Crew Members

$50 for General Admission.

For more information on the schedule and all the changes: Worlds Toughest Mudder Update.

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