March 3, 2024

NIMS Correspondence Courses | Distance Learning Courses |9278888318| MBA,/MCA/BBA/BCA/ B.Sc./M.Sc.


The Students can study any of the various courses offered by the NIMS University which is one of the top ranking universities in India. It is recognized by the various statutory and regulatory bodies. NIMS University offers distance learning courses in a number of disciplines. The students could therefore choose from several courses. The NIMS offers distinguished assistance and academic support to the students throughout their educational program. The university renders full support to the students by giving them required course material, study resources and even access to the university’s databases. The students therefore do not encounter any problems in the course of their studies. The university also conducts regular doubt resolution sessions for the students to be able to clear their doubts and queries. The students are also introduced to a unique mentorship system in which the students can approach specifically assigned mentors from within the faculty members in order to clear their queries.

images (42)Distance learning has emerged as a sound alternative to the system of regular education. The students are not required to maintain minimum attendance requirements in case of distance learning courses. The students are only expected to study from home and clear all examinations with minimum qualifying marks. The students can gain the requisite qualifications by devoting a designated amount of time regularly to self study. They can study on their own with the help of reference material provided to them by the university. The universities provide the students with opportunities for placements. The students can hope to find employment in various avenues through campus placement. The students are also given scholarships for meritorious performance. NIMS University is well known for its qualified faculty, best in class on campus infrastructure and high on merit student friendly environment.

Students can benefit immensely from distance learning courses. The students who are bound by constraints of time and money and have to give up on their academic ambitions due to their professional careers or because of other professional courses that they are pursuing can study through the distance learning medium and shape their careers the way they want. The students can study valuable academic courses that can help them build a secure and safeguarded career regardless of which part of the country they are based in. The students staying even in the remotest parts of the country can pursue quality education and fulfill their professional aspirations.