December 7, 2023

Nine charts that really bring home just how fast AI is growing

Author: Ray Schroeder
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by Will Knight, MIT Technology Review

Artificial intelligence is booming in Europe, China, and the US, but it’s still a very male industry. With so much hype surrounding artificial intelligence today, it can be difficult to know where things actually stand. Fortunately, a report (.pdf) issued by a group of AI policy researchers today collates a range of data that helps capture the state of the AI boom. The amount of money being poured into AI startups is remarkable. The number of AI startups (top) is shown on the left, compared with total startups on the right. AI investment (below) is shown on the left, compared with total investments on the right. This speaks to huge opportunities to use machine learning in different industries, but also to a market that is hyped and overheated.

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