Numpy with Python

Author: Ahmad Shah Adami
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Numpy with Python, NumPy is a library for the Python programming language.

In this series, we cover the basics of using NumPy for basic data analysis. Some of the things that are covered are as follows: installing NumPy using the Anaconda Python distribution, creating NumPy arrays in a variety of ways, gathering information about large datasets such as the mean, median and standard deviation, as well as utilizing Jupyter Notebooks for exploration using NumPy. If you are looking to get started with NumPy then join us!

1. NumPy Introduction

2. Python Numpy Array

3. Indexing & Slicing – 1

4. Indexing & Slicing – 2

5. Statistical Functions, Operators & Random Numbers

6. What is Data Science

7. What is Machine Learning

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Numpy with Python
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