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Author: Aaron Singleton
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While Jamie Rahn (aka Captain NBC) was in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada leading a Ninja Warrior workshop at Fitset Ninja Gym, he graciously took time out of his day to talk about his season and the direction of the sport. 

A=Aaron (Interviewer)

J= Jamie (Ninja Legend)

A: How has competition season been going for you so far in 2019?

J: Things have been going great so far. I was lucky enough to travel and compete in ANW (American Ninja Warrior), Sasuke Vietnam, and Ninja Warrior Germany.

A: What are your goals for this season?

J: Same as every season haha, do the best I can and claim total victory.

A: With Season 11 of ANW starting, we are beginning to see a rise in popularity of local Ninja leagues around the world, including here in Canada. What is it like watching this sport continue to grow with everyday athletes starting to dive into the world of Ninja competition?

J: It’s great to see the local leagues coming together to give people, especially the kids, a chance to do something other than team sports to stay active and be around a supportive community.

A: You have been active in working at the grass roots level to help train the next generation of athlete by helping out with a number of clinics. What was it that inspired you to get involved in the community the way you have?

J: Well I have always loved sharing what I know to help others succeed. I know the feeling of achieving something new and seemingly impossible, and I want others to have that same experience so I am trying to be as involved as possible to help make that happen.

A: What direction do you see this sport going over the course of the next few years?

J: I would like to see it continue to grow and develop into a single governing body that incorporates all the local leagues into one big Ninja Olympics apart for the show to give more opportunities to remote athletes and fanboys to be a part of this world and compete at a high level.

A: You competed at the OCR World Championships in Canada when it was held in Ontario. Can you talk a little about what you took away from that event and what sort of impact it had on you as a Ninja athlete?

J: Well I learned that no matter how good you are at obstacles, to be competitive at OCR you need to be a high level trail runner. Ten seconds faster on an obstacle won’t make up for a thirty to ninety second mile pace difference. That being said, the OCRWC is great because it requires obstacle completion and has a handful of decently challenging obstacles.

A: How different was your preparation for OCRWC compared to your regular training?

J: No different. I try to run a little every day, and I train obstacles very often. I also train for slippery obstacles which is most of OCR.

A: What advice would you give to OCR athletes who want to start competing in Ninja Warrior, and what advice would you give to Ninjas that are looking to get into OCR?

J: OCR athletes going into Ninja should invest in some flat sole grippy shoes, no cleats. I would also say to focus on obstacle problem solving and upper body endurance since OCR is more run heavy. Ninja athletes going into OCR need to run more and get comfortable being dirty and dealing with wet obstacles and mud.

A: Why should athletes start competing at their local Ninja competitions and how can they support their local leagues?

J: I think Ninja and parkour is a great way to cross train for most sports for body awareness and mental fortitude above anything else. You can support your local leagues by going and cheering them on. Posting on social media about your experiences in them and to pump them up for the awesome events they are. You can also volunteer your time or products to gyms for prizes or to help the gym staff have a smaller load.

A: If you could go back to the start of your athletic career, is there anything you would have done differently?

J: I would of started more parkour much earlier in my life.

A: Last question – Does pineapple belong on pizza?

J: On occasion, but only if there is room after all the bacon is on.

Many thanks to Jamie for his time conducting this interview! Tune into American Ninja Warrior this season to see him in action. 

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One-on-One with Jamie Rahn

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