July 17, 2024

Online Education, Beyond ‘Deans Gone Wild’

Author: Ray Schroeder
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By Doug Lederman, Inside Higher Ed

Leaders of companies colleges hire to take academic programs online discuss their role, the scrutiny they’re facing and why we should call them something other than OPMs. These are increasingly fraught times for the OPMs, with growing scrutiny from think tank analysts concerned about the corporate role in educational delivery and legislation in California that could limit the ability of such companies to operate in the state. The OPMs are also under attack from within their own ranks, as 2U’s co-founder, John Katzman, who now runs Noodle, another online enabler, said of the ed-tech industry at another panel here last week: “At a lot of schools, online programs are 20 percent more expensive than their on-campus counterpart. We’ve effectively raised the cost of education. So, I have to ask, are we properly using taxpayers’ dollars?”


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