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Online Education News 3-31-22

Online Education News 3-31-22

Online Education News 3-31-22

My Personal Knowledge Management Approachby Clark (Learnlets)

Last week, in our Learning Development Accelerator You Oughta Know session, we had Harold Jarche as a guest. Harold’s known for many things, but in particular his approach to continual learning. Amongst the things he shared was a collection of others’ approaches. I checked and I hadn’t made a contribution! So with no further ado, The post My Personal Knowledge Management Approach appeared first on Learnlets.

Nueva Actividad Foro Nativos Digitalesby Francisco Muñoz de la Peña Castrillo (Aulablog21)

Nueva Actividad Foro Nativos Digitales para 5º y 6º Primaria del CEIP César Hurtado Delicado de Valverde de Leganés «No con mis contraseñas». #foronativos

Formación de Digitalización FPby Francisco Muñoz de la Peña Castrillo (Aulablog21)

La Consejería de Educación y Empleo de Extremadura pone en marcha la 3ª Campaña de Formación de Digitalización en formato online orientada a docentes de FP y profesorado de otras especialidades que estén impartiendo docencia en FP. 🗓️Inscripción hasta 6 de abril de 2022.

The role of open universities post-Covidby Tony Bates (Tony Bates)

Anadolu University Anadolu University in Turkey is nominated by the Turkish Higher Degree Act of 1981 as the national provider of distance education.  Enrollment in open education programs at Anadolu University has increased from under 30,000 in 1982-83 to over 3,000,000 in 2018-19 (Bozkurt, 2019), and its programs are now also available to Turkish communities The post The role of open universities post-Covid first appeared on Tony Bates.

Best low cost/affordable bachelor program?by /u/durentis (University Classes Online)

I’ve read a lot about WGU and am curious if it’s legit. I’ve had issues with other online colleges so I’m just curious what everyone else’s take is. I’m looking at education or psych program. Thank you! submitted by /u/durentis [link] [comments]

Defining quality and online learningby Tony Bates (Tony Bates)

The issue Institutions are struggling to define online or digital learning for their students. In particular, students need to know whether a course requires attendance on campus, whether they need to be online at a set time, and what kind of course it will be (fully online, blended/hybrid, or fully in-person, or available in any The post Defining quality and online learning first appeared on Tony Bates.

[Part-1] When to Consider Going for LearnerScript the Moodle Reporting?by /u/Joseph1113 (University Classes Online)

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Emphasis and Effortby Clark (Learnlets)

For reasons that aren’t quite clear (even to me), I was thinking about where, on a continuum, do L&D elements fit? Where does performance support go? Formal learning? Informal learning? I began to think that it depends on what focus you’re thinking of. So here’re some nascent thoughts on emphasis and effort. To start with, The post Emphasis and Effort appeared first on Learnlets.

Una oportunidad… por desgraciaby Manuel Jesús Fernández (The Flipped Classroom)

Por desgracia, la guerra de Ucrania nos ha puesto en el camino una oportunidad para tratar temas de actualidad muy candentes, que al alumnado (y a tod@s) le preocupa porque no entienden (no entendemos) cómo se ha podido llegar a una situación como la que estamos viviendo. Además, en nuestro caso, en el de #flippedHMC La entrada Una oportunidad… por desgracia se publicó primero en The Flipped Classroom.

Information needed on platformsby /u/youredditagain (University Classes Online)

Hi, im grateful to know this subreddit exists and would like to ask a review about the below education platforms and I am looking to pursue some certifications, but I have some doubts in general that I want to clarify as well Platforms – Simplilearn Upgrade Unigrad Lincoln University College, Malaysia (online/distance learning programs) Swiss School of Management SSM Queries – Is the the whole online degree/certificate thing a sham? Is it worthwhile to do an executive MBA (1 year) in general […]

I’m looking for suggestions for the best free (or nearly free, less than $200) MBA program /u/appledogtwist (University Classes Online)

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A Detailed Comparison of Udacity vs Courseraby /u/gandhiN (University Classes Online)

It is not always easy to locate what you are looking for among the multitude of courses and programs available. Therefore, I have created this detailed Udacity vs Coursera comparison for students to choose what’s best for them. Do let me know if this helped you in some way. submitted by /u/gandhiN [link] [comments]

Working with SMEsby Clark (Learnlets)

In a recent post, I talked about how expertise is compiled away, and the impact on designing learning and documentation. Someone, of course, asked how do you then work with SMEs to get the necessary information. Connie Malamed, one of our recognized research translators, has recently written about getting tacit knowledge, but I also want to The post Working with SMEs appeared first on Learnlets.

La gamificación (Lola Millán)by flippedlearn (The Flipped Classroom)

A veces creemos que solo se puede gamificar con la tecnología, utilizando apps que a veces nos resultan complicadas. Pero hay otras formas de gamificar que son más sencillas y más asequibles para los que no son muy duchos en la tecnología. Una forma sencilla es crear un álbum de cromos para ir comprobando los La entrada La gamificación (Lola Millán) se publicó primero en The Flipped Classroom.

Experts and Explanationsby Clark (Learnlets)

I’ve been going through several different forms of expert documentation. As a consequence, I’ve been experiencing a lot of the problems with that! Experts have trouble articulating their thinking. This requires some extra work on the part of those who work with them, whether instructional designers, technical writers, editors, whoever. There are some reliable problems The post Experts and Explanations appeared first on Learnlets.

Hybridation et ressources externes, quelques questions à se poserby matthieu-cisel (La révolution MOOC)

Imaginons que vous soyez dans une logique d’hybridation de vos cours ou de vos formations, je vous propose dans ce billet d’explorer quelques questions stratégiques absolument incontournables que vous devrez vous poser, donc les questions préliminaires classiques. Tout d’abord, quelle … Continue reading →

Best free online refresher courses for someone starting college next year after taking a gap year?by /u/Burton_j14 (University Classes Online)

Looking for some kind of free, go at your own pace online course to do in the last couple of months of my gap year to get my brain ready for college. Any recommendations? submitted by /u/Burton_j14 [link]

How and what to look for a MSc program online?by /u/nummer31 (University Classes Online)

After almost a decade want to pursue a MSc program online. Are there any known resources where I could search for programs and what are the things I should be looking for e.g. credits, university, etc. Any suggestion would be appreciated. submitted by /u/nummer31 [link]

italkiby /u/GroundbreakingTea613 (University Classes Online)

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Learn a New Language with Preply | Language Teaching Platformby /u/GroundbreakingTea613 (University Classes Online)

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Physical environment for online students to meet in-personby /u/warsonline (University Classes Online)

Hi everyone! I am currently participating in a pre-seed start-up accelerator in Norway where I am trying to validate a problem and a potential solution for online students. If you are taking or ever have taken an online course, please spend 2 minutes to fill out this very short survey, your input will very much appreciated. Link to form – Thank you! submitted by /u/warsonline [link] [comments]

Frontier Nursing Universityby /u/CatFrances (University Classes Online)

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Examples before practiceby Clark (Learnlets)

I’ve been wrong before, and I’ll be wrong again, and that’s ok <warning: link is NSFW>. It’s like with science: if you change your mind, you weren’t lying before, you’ve learned more now. So I’ve been wrong about the emphasis between practice and examples. What I’ve learned is that, in general, practice isn’t the only The post Examples <I>before</I> practice appeared first on Learnlets.

Children and fools tell the truth, I’m dead lolby /u/yq404 (University Classes Online)

The other day when I was giving online lecture to my student, she was showing her parents’ wedding photo to me and asked her mom & papa if they would bring her to their next wedding cuz she wants to stand in the middle of the wedding photo. Which cracked me up lol Guys pls share some funny moments between you& your students/kids with me , I need this kind of energy in my life submitted by /u/yq404 [link]

A review of Stephen Downes’ latest contribution to the theory of connectivismby Tony Bates (Tony Bates)

Downes, S. (2022) Connectivism, Half an Hour, 9 February In an earlier post I gave an overview of Stephen Downes’ latest update of his theory of connectivism. My first post was purely factual, if selective. Here I will give my views on the theory, at least as the theory stands at the moment. It’s taken me a The post A review of Stephen Downes’ latest contribution to the theory of connectivism first appeared on Tony Bates.

Using study games in a paid online course?by /u/2Monte2Carbo (University Classes Online)

Hey all! I’m a teacher wanting to make an online course for young students (middle school) and have found that they love study games like Kahoot and Gimkit. As I create my courses, which I hope to sell, am I allowed to incorporate these study games into the lessons? I’m afraid of copyright claims or other legal issues that could arise from something like this. Any help/advice you can offer would be great! submitted by /u/2Monte2Carbo [link] [comments]

Book review: Teaching in the Post Covid-19 Eraby Tony Bates (Tony Bates)

Fayed, I. and Cummings, J. (2021) Teaching in the Post Covid 19 Era Springer: Cham, Switzerland, 764 pp This is a longish post – you may want to jump to my review at the end. What is the Book About? The book is sub-titled World Education Dilemmas, Teaching Innovations and Solutions in the Age of The post Book review: Teaching in the Post Covid-19 Era first appeared on Tony Bates.

Online certificationby /u/Styvukas (University Classes Online)

Hello, Searching for best online courses for selling / business management / Team leaderships with certificates. Looking for recommendations 😎 submitted by /u/Styvukas [link] [comments]

Good and bad advice all in one!by Clark (Learnlets)

I was asked to go to read an article and weigh in. First, please don’t do this if you don’t know me. However, that’s not the topic here, instead, I want to comment on the article. Realize that if you ask me to read an article, you’re opening yourself up to my opinion, good or bad. The post Good and bad advice all in one! appeared first on Learnlets.

Radio Socialesby Manuel Jesús Fernández (The Flipped Classroom)

Desde hace bastante tiempo utilizo en las aulas los audios y los podcast como herramienta de aprendizaje. La idea surgió hace seis cursos, cuando le propuse a la radio local de Lebrija poder participar en su programación con algún programa semanal o quincenal con colaboraciones del alumnado sobre temas tratados en el aula y/o de La entrada Radio Sociales se publicó primero en The Flipped Classroom.

Let’s Learn Urduby /u/GroundbreakingTea613 (University Classes Online) submitted by /u/GroundbreakingTea613 [link] [comments]

Generic Thinking Skills?by Clark (Learnlets)

Recently, a colleague asked a few of us about our views on critical thinking skills. This is actually a contentious topic. There are broad claims of the need for them, increasingly, even showing up in job advertisements. On the other hand, researchers and others have weighed in against them, saying that expertise is the only The post Generic Thinking Skills? appeared first on Learnlets.

Online MSc in Computational Biology offered by MTU, /u/Billy_Bang (University Classes Online)

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Stephen Downes latest contribution to the theory of connectivism: an overviewby Tony Bates (Tony Bates)

Downes, S. (2022) Connectivism, Half an Hour, 9 February Stephen Downes has just published an article in his blog that: presents an overview of connectivism, offering a connectivist account of learning and a detailed analysis of how learning occurs in networks. It then offers readers an interpretation of connectivism, that is, a set of mechanisms The post Stephen Downes latest contribution to the theory of connectivism: an overview first appeared on Tony Bates.

Testimonio de los alumnos de 2º Bach sobre los nuevos espacios de aprendizajeby Juan Francisco Hernández (The Flipped Classroom)

El 04 de diciembre de 2019 publiqué en este portal una entrada en la que hacía referencia a que no existe dentro del extensísimo currículo de física y química la opción de tratar temas tan variados e interesantes como el cincuentenario de la llegada del hombre a la Luna, qué sucede en Chernóbil, la ciencia La entrada Testimonio de los alumnos de 2º Bach sobre los nuevos espacios de aprendizaje se publicó primero en The Flipped Classroom.

La diffusion en ligne des manuscrits de thèse : un sujet encore trop sous-investiby matthieu-cisel (La révolution MOOC)

Le débat sur l’open access agite les milieux académiques depuis plusieurs décennies. Le modèle des éditeurs scientifiques, qui profitent économiquement de travaux financés principalement par des fonds publics, pose question à de nombreux chercheurs et organismes de financement. Les pressions … Continue reading →

Online College in a Nutshellby /u/Ceapa-Cool (University Classes Online)

submitted by /u/Ceapa-Cool [link] [comments]Accreditation?by Clark (Learnlets)

As occasionally happens, I was asked a question on LinkedIn. In this case, it was about my thoughts on accreditation. Also, as occasionally happens, I thought that I’d share my thoughts in this forum, and look for feedback to improve my thinking. So here’re some thoughts on accreditation. I welcome yours! First, let’s be clear, The post Accreditation? appeared first on Learnlets.

Is there a place I can get worksheets or puzzles to help me learn online? Looking for help with higher learning and not grade school /u/HoneyGoBoomz (University Classes Online)

I am planning on learning a few things, and some of them are hard to find any worksheets. All I have found are ones for Highschool, middle school, or elementary. I think the worksheets would help in a hands on way, or even somewhere to get projects, assignment ideas ect. I am upgrading my math, and have found enough for that. Some things I would like more resources for are the following Anthropology Anatomy and Physiology Geology Any earth science really Writing Programming Computer science […]

Has online learning gone backwards because of the pandemic?by Tony Bates (Tony Bates)

Back to the classroom model I was recently struck by a comment my former colleague Diana Laurillard made in a podcast for Mark Nichols’ excellent podcast series, Leaders and Legends of Online Learning. She said she thought online learning had gone backwards as a result of the pandemic. I think I agree. Sure, the pandemic The post Has online learning gone backwards because of the pandemic? first appeared on Tony Bates.

Two surveys on academic integrity in online learning during the pandemicby Tony Bates (Tony Bates)

Colby, E. (2022) Concern about Academic Integrity in Online Courses Decreased Among College Instructors After Experience with Remote Instruction Higher Ed Dive 26 January Wiley (2020) Academic Integrity in the Age of Online Learning Wiley Wiley (2022) New Insights into Academic Integrity Wiley What is the study about? The press release in Higher Education Dive provides The post Two surveys on academic integrity in online learning during the pandemic first appeared on Tony Bates.

Planificación didáctica en el entorno Flippedby David Lopez (The Flipped Classroom)

  ¿Estás pensando llevar a tu aula el modelo Flipped pero no sabes cómo hacerlo? En esta entrada vamos a mostrar como desarrollar correctamente una unidad didáctica bajo este enfoque. Para ello, nos centraremos en lo expuesto por Robert Talbert en su libro Seven Steps to Flipped Learning. 1.  Selecciona los objetivos de aprendizaje de La entrada Planificación didáctica en el entorno Flipped se publicó primero en The Flipped Classroom.

Learning or Performance Strategyby Clark (Learnlets)

Of late, I’m working in a couple of engagements where the issue of learning and performance strategy have come up. It has prompted some thoughts both on my part and the part of my clients. I think it’s worth laying out some of the issues and thinking, and of course I welcome your thoughts. So The post Learning or Performance Strategy appeared first on Learnlets.

Juego de Googleby Francisco Muñoz de la Peña Castrillo (Aulablog21)

Google ha lanzado un juego con fines educativos en el que enseña a los usuarios buenos hábitos de seguridad informática. #foronativos

What makes a good book?by Clark (Learnlets)

I was in contact with a person about a potential book, and she followed up with an interesting question: what’s the vision I have for publishing? She was looking for what I thought was a good book. Of course, I hadn’t really articulated it! I responded, but thought I should share my thinking with you The post What makes a good book? appeared first on Learnlets.

Aprendizaje colaborativoby Manuel Jesús Fernández (The Flipped Classroom)

Una de las grandes ventajas de utilizar el modelo flipped en las aulas es que te permite desarrollar estrategias de aprendizaje y diseñar escenarios de aprendizaje, actividades o tareas muy variadas y, generalmente, muy significativas para el aprendizaje del alumnado. Entre ellas, y es el caso que voy a comentar en esta colaboración, están las La entrada Aprendizaje colaborativo se publicó primero en The Flipped Classroom.

What platforms can I use to allow students to watch my lectures online without having to download them? I have had a couple of complaints about having to download lectures and they simply want to watch them in a /u/AgitatedThoughts (University Classes Online)

As the title suggests, I like recording my classes not to miss out. However, I upload all my lectures to google drive and send my students the link. What is a better way to do this, so they don’t have to download my lessons? submitted by /u/AgitatedThoughts [link]

Pourquoi un tel attrait pour l’open education ?by matthieu-cisel (La révolution MOOC)

Aujourd’hui, petit billet autobiographique sur mon intérêt pour l’open education, qui permettra sans doute aux lecteurs et lectrices de mieux cerner le profil de celles et ceux qui s’engagent dans ce secteur d’activité. Je commencerai par préciser que la rencontre … Continue reading →

Mejor, aún, que un problema de matemáticasby Juan Francisco Hernández (The Flipped Classroom)

¿Existe algo mejor que resolver un problema de matemáticas? Si, existe. Un problema de matemáticas que venga asociado a un reto que, además, les vincula con un aprendizaje significativo sobre la identidad cultural que conforman, en el caso de mis alumnos, nuestras islas. No pretendo realizar una aproximación exhaustiva al concepto de gamificación en matemáticas, La entrada Mejor, aún, que un problema de matemáticas se publicó primero en The Flipped Classroom.

Investigating Indigenous learners’ experience of online learningby Tony Bates (Tony Bates)

Davey, R.C.E. (2019) “It will never be my first choice to do an online course”: Examining Experiences of Indigenous Learners Online in Canadian Post-Secondary Educational Institutions Kamloops: M.Ed. Thesis, Faculty of Education and Social Work, Thompson Rivers University I came across this master’s thesis while searching for other material. However, I was interested in this The post Investigating Indigenous learners’ experience of online learning first appeared on Tony Bates.

How does Google Sheets work?by /u/moonlightfarter (University Classes Online)

I will have an exam on this site and I have never used it. I am a little nervous about this, I have to admit. Someone can help me a little? Shall I regisrate to a site bc the examiner didn’t say anything. submitted by /u/moonlightfarter [link] [comments]

Université et formation d’adultes : se différencier pour existerby matthieu-cisel (La révolution MOOC)

Je ne vais pas sortir les derniers chiffres car je ne les ai pas en tête, mais vous le savez sûrement, l’université française pèse bien peu dans le domaine de la formation d’adultes. Je me suis longtemps dit que c’était … Continue reading →