December 10, 2023

Packaging change

Author: Clark
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wrapped presentI’ve been looking at a couple of things, with a goal is to look for the sweet spot at the intersection.  I’m looking at my missions, interests, and what’s resonating. And, I find, that they’re converging into a few things. Which I thought I’d make concrete, because I really want to see if these are things that are tangible and valuable. What is the right packaging? I’m asking for your help: is this the right suite, and if not, what do you want?

To start, one of my themes for the year is transformation, about deeper learning design. I’ve argued strongly that we need to do deeper learning design before we worry about tarting it up with personalization/adaptation, VR/AR, AI, etc. It’s time to get serious about actually having an organizational impact! And we’ve converging evidence about what it is.

As triangulation, what’s appearing as interests are those things people are asking for, or are tracking. And I’ve been asked recently (and been happy to oblige) talking about learning science. The eLearning Guild just had a summit, and my learning experience design workshop from Learning Solutions has been again accepted for DevLearn (and I’d welcome seeing you there!).

We also know what’s largely lacking, and how to help. Through experience, I’ve found there are several ways to make progress. For one, you need the foundational knowledge, and it really needs to be shared and agreed in the organization. For another, you can benefit from a clear understanding of your current state. You can’t move forward if you don’t know where you are! Then, you need a clear plan that gets you from where you are to where you can be, that’s right for you. No ‘best practices’, but a principled approach, looking at the bigger picture. Finally, support in moving forward can be valuable. There are ways you can fall back or barriers can hinder you that you need fresh thinking to address.

So the offer involves any combination of the following things:

Workshop: we actively explore and bring to bring it to life the necessary knowledge, and then practice applying it. This brings a shared vocabulary and understanding of what needs to change and why.

Assessment: an independent assessment of where you are in your processes, and what are the opportunities for change. The goal is to identify the minimal interventions that can have the biggest impact.

Strategy Session: here the goal is to determine the path to change. What are the opportunities, barriers, and what are the sequence of moves that create the change? It’s about understanding context and opportunity, bringing in the best principles, and using them as a guide to move forward.

Coaching: here we provide the lightest weight support that will keep momentum. In my experience, it’s been easy for folks to fall back into prior thinking without an ongoing stimulus, and the ability to comment early on in a plan on interim moves help keep a strategy on track.

These can manifest in several ways:

  • a learning science workshop for the team and an evaluation of your design process for the small changes with the big impact
  • the assessment, a strategy session for improvements, and a termed coaching engagement to support success

Your situation would make a particular combination more sensible. They’re better together, but any one is a catalyst for improvement. And these are all things I’ve done with organizations and have had success with. Each alone is done for quite less than $10K (parameters vary), but the goal is to make these very accessible. And, of course, substantial discounts for taking on more than one (to make the change more likely to stick).

I note that my other theme for the year is ‘intellectricity‘, unpacking the power of your people in informal learning. While I’m helping organizations around this as well, I haven’t yet formalized it like this. Yet it’s clear each could be done in the above formats as well, and I’m happy to make the same offer. And there seems to be growing interest in this area as well.

The reason I’m putting this out there, however, is because I want feedback and/or uptake. It’s not enough to just encourage, I want to actually support meaningful change! I have strong grounds to believe these are important and necessary changes, and I want to help make it happen, the more the faster the better. And if this isn’t the packaging you expect, let me know. I’m happy to discuss and adapt. What I want to do is have an impact, so help me figure out how.

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