September 30, 2023

People at #BETT2019

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Photo by Steve Wheeler

I’m just back from another BETT Show, and I intend to write some reflections on what I saw, heard and experienced in future posts. Watch this space. But first, I want to write about the most important element….

For me, the highlight of every BETT Show is not the vendors, nor is it the shiny technology – it’s the people. The London Excel centre is a vast warehouse of space, and it takes a long time to wend your way across its acres of carpet. But at just about every corner, I bumped into an old friend or two. It was heart warming to rub shoulders again with so many passionate and committed educators, and to exchange ideas and inspirations. The Friday evening TeachMeet, held in the adjacent tapas bar, was as ever a true delight. Ably hosted by Dawn Hallybone and Ian Usher, with support from Drew Buddie and Bill Lord, the BETT 2019 TeachMeet was a cavalcade of great ideas, thought provoking stories, wine drinking, networking, and a lot of entertainment.

It’s encouraging to see that in spite of all the economic stringencies, government meddling and the undermining that comes from above, teachers remain resilient, innovative, creative and passionate in their work.

In notice on Twitter that there have been calls for fringe events at future BETT Shows. Well, TeachMeet is THE fringe event. It does exactly what it says on the can – it’s a place where teachers meet, have a few drinks, make new friends and share powerful and potentially life-changing ideas – to ensure the education of our young people is engaging, relevant and has impact. Teachmeet deserves more support than it already attracts from teachers who attend the Show each year. Thanks to everyone who took part, and for all those who spent time organising the event.

Live long and prosper, BETT TeachMeet. May you continue to grow from strength to strength.

NB: BETT Show 2020 will be at the Excel Centre, London, between 22-25 January.

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