July 18, 2024

Personal learning environments

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Photo by Steve Wheeler

It wasn’t that long ago that I was approached by a new U.S. based online education platform called ZilLearn to ask me if I would like to write some courses.

I jumped at the chance, especially in this current crisis, to create some additional online resources that might be helpful in supporting educators in the mad scramble to create online, remote learning environments for their students.

And so I agreed to write a set of four micro-learning courses (each will take less than an hour to complete) along with a video and a quiz, and some additional reading – all focusing on learning and teaching in the digital age.

My first module is live now and can be found at this link and also in the embedded image below. It focuses on personalised learning and personal learning environments, and includes both theory and practical elements.

It’s currently live and free to take so – do take a look and let me know your thoughts and feedback in the comments box below, or on the ZilLearn site.

There are dozens of other free courses available too – about wellbeing, software skills, several practical Ed Tech ‘How to’ videos, and photography. In the coming weeks, many more free courses will be uploaded by teachers and experts from across the globe. Feel free to join in to create and upload your own min-courses.

Keep safe, keep well and keep your distance.

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