December 11, 2023

Professional Development- Differences in teachers’ attitudes between online and traditional training courses

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The basic need for man to be constantly engaged in learning on the one hand and the technological revolution on the other hand lends itself to an interesting combination of change in the learning process. This change has not overlooked the teachers who have also undergone changes in their professional development at the Pisgah centers. The technology age has brought with it online learning. The purpose of this study is to examine the attitudes of the teachers training in the Pisgah centers in Israel on the differences between online and traditional training courses. This study was conducted using the quantitative method with 495 teachers participating. The study findings indicate four main areas related to teachers’ attitudes. Effectiveness and application, environment, course assignments and attitudes towards ICT. Significant differences were found in the environment variable and the ICT variable between online and traditional training in favor of online training. In addition, a multi regression analysis found that the effectiveness of the course can be explained by the variables: environment, course assignments, and ICT.

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