July 17, 2024

Protecting Data in a Shifting Security Landscape

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Organizations in every industry have long understood the importance of data protection. But the task for many has been too much to handle, and as security threats have evolved, organizations have struggled to keep up.

Only a few years ago, ensuring data safety mostly came down to defense of the network perimeter. With a correctly configured firewall fortified with regular updates, a trained IT professional could successfully repel most cyberattacks. But the risks to data today are of a vastly different sort, and the threats that organizations face are more frequent and dangerous. With the Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud and artificial intelligence in play — and the volume of vulnerable data expanding exponentially — to simply rely on a network barrier is no longer good enough.

The answer instead, experts agree, is to implement a multifaceted cybersecurity program that takes an adaptable approach to preventing, containing and remediating attacks. As cybercriminals look to new and increasingly sophisticated ways to infiltrate the systems organizations have in place, there’s no way to avoid every possible threat. But, equipped with the right tools and supported with the right services, organizations can manage the threats they do face — and, ultimately, they can make data protection a reality.

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