September 29, 2023
Python for Beginners | Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate

Python for Beginners | Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate

Python for Beginners | Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate

Video by Google Career Certificates via YouTube
Python for Beginners | Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate

This is the second of seven Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate courses. Python programming language is a powerful tool for data analysis. In this course, you’ll learn the basic concepts of Python programming and how data professionals use Python on the job. You’ll explore concepts such as object-oriented programming, variables, data types, functions, conditional statements, loops, and data structures.

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00:00: Introduction to Course 2
04:45: Welcome to week 1
06:25: Introduction to Python
11:51: Discover more about Python
18:22: Jupyter notebooks
21:01: Object-oriented programming
25:44: Variables and data types
31:38: Create precise variable names
36:16: Data types and conversions
40:44: Wrap-up
42:16: Welcome to week 2
45:22: Define functions and returning values
51:32: Write clean code
55:21: Use comments to scaffold your code
01:01:59: Make comparisons using operators
01:06:20: Use if, elif, else statements to make decisions
01:17:11: Wrap-up
01:18:42: Welcome to week 3
01:21:22: Introduction to while loops
01:30:20: Introduction to for loops
01:34:40: Loops with multiple range() parameters
01:38:29: Work with strings
01:42:10: String slicing
01:49:06: Format strings
01:54:03: Wrap-up
01:56:07: Welcome to week 4
01:58:11: Introduction to lists
02:03:02: Modify the contents of a list
02:07:19: Introduction to tuples
02:11:30: More with loops, lists, and tuples
02:17:10: Introduction to dictionaries
02:21:43: Dictionary methods
02:26:29: Introduction to sets
02:31:59: The power of packages
02:36:22: Introduction to NumPy
02:40:24: Basic array operations
02:46:40: Introduction to pandas
02:51:32: pandas basics
03:01:43: Boolean masking
03:07:32: Grouping and aggregation
03:13:23: Merging and joining data
03:22:09: Wrap-up
03:23:48: Welcome to week 5
03:26:30: Introduction to Course 2 end-of-course portfolio project
03:28:39: End-of-course project wrap-up and tips for ongoing career success
03:31:35: Course wrap-up

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The Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate teaches learners how to use machine learning, predictive modeling, and experimental design to collect and analyze large amounts of data. Designed and taught by experts at Google, this advanced program builds on the foundations of the Google Data Analytics Certificate and helps enhance technical skills with industry-leading tools, including Jupyter Notebook, Python, and Tableau.

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Python for Beginners | Google Advanced Data Analytics Certificate

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