July 19, 2024

Ready to Hit the Road in 2019? These K-12 Edtech Events Are Worth Your Time

Author: Emily Tate
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Sometimes our most fulfilling conversations and productive work days take place hundreds of miles from the workplace. They often happen when we’re on the ground meeting new people, exchanging ideas, listening, learning and growing.

That’s why, at EdSurge, we believe the flurry of education events held each year provide an invaluable opportunity for us and our readers—teachers, administrators, entrepreneurs, investors and everyone in between—to challenge our assumptions, share best practices and forge new partnerships.

In 2018, EdSurge was all over the map—literally. Our team crossed state lines and collected passport stamps and visas in an effort to bring you better insights into the future of learning. We expect 2019 to bring more new faces and fresh ideas. Some of that will happen near home, but much of it requires hitting the road (or tracks or air, depending where you’re coming from).

To kickstart our travel planning—and help you with yours—we’ve compiled a list of over 60 K-12 education events taking place across the U.S. in 2019. The list includes big shows, like SXSW EDU in the spring and ISTE in the summer, as well as smaller, focused gatherings like SETDA and SIIA.

Those of you who have followed our previous calendars may notice something different: Where are all the non-U.S. events? Don’t sweat. We will be making a new, separate international calendar for K-12 and higher-ed technology events. Be on the lookout for that in the upcoming weeks. (Know an international edtech event we should include? Tell us here.)

The calendar below provides the location and dates for U.S. K-12 events that should be on your radar. That includes a couple of our own: Immersion, a workshop for entrepreneurs on April 7 in San Diego; and Fusion, a gathering of leaders in learning, equity and technology, on Nov. 4-6 in Burlingame, Calif.

The PDF also includes a link to each event website, so you don’t have to go searching far if something piques your interest. Here’s a preview of the K-12 events calendar for 2019:

Get a copy of the 2019 US K-12 Edtech Conference Calendar

To help you navigate which events may be right for you, here’s how the calendar is organized:

Red, blue, orange: What do these colors mean?

Anyone can attend any conference. However, we’ve color-coded these events based on their designated primary audience.

  • Red events focus on the business and industry side of the ecosystem; expect plenty of technologists, entrepreneurs and funders.
  • Blue events are built around K-12 educators, with a focus on teaching, learning, pedagogy and best practices.
  • Orange events are tightly focused around a specific topic or audience, such as instructional technologists or principals.

Your link took me to a conference that already happened or doesn’t exist yet. What gives?

Don’t worry—we confirmed with conference organizers all dates for future events that aren’t yet listed on their site.

Aw, you left out my favorite event!

Sorry about that! Feel free to add a comment on this piece with details about the event you like the best, or shoot us an email at feedback@edsurge.com.

Will you update this calendar in the future?

Yep—about every six months!

Do you have a higher-ed version of this calendar?

Yes—stay tuned!

Where did the international (non-U.S.) events go?

Fear not: We will be publishing a separate calendar of these events in mid-January. Know of a conference or event that should be added? Let us know here!

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