April 23, 2024

Reference: Education: Distance Learning: Correspondence Courses

Source: https://edu2k.net/blog/reference-education-distance-learning-correspondence-courses-4/

Source: https://edu2k.net/blog/reference-education-distance-learning-correspondence-courses-3/

Source: https://edu2k.net/blog/reference-education-distance-learning-correspondence-courses/

Source: http://dmoztools.net/Reference/Education/Distance_Learning/Correspondence_Courses/

Correspondence courses are classes which are completed with course material and assignments mailed the ‘old-fashioned’ way between the instructor/grader and student. It is also possible that email may be used instead of physically mailing assignments. It is implied that the course material to be studied is in a physical book rather than exclusively on a web site, but it is possible that some course content may be found on one or more web sites or on floppy disks or CD-ROM.

ACS Distance Education

Australian organization supplies numerous courses, including horticulture, environmental, a

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