Resources for working with PDF files on Chromebooks

Author: David Andrade
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PDF files are used everywhere and can be used on Chromebooks. Here are some resources:

Adobe Android apps work very well on Chromebooks and there are other Android apps for working with PDF files:

– Xodo PDF Reader and Editor

– PDF Editor –

– PDF Editor – Sign, Create, Edit

– Write on PDF (annotate, not edit)

Managing Android apps on Chromebooks:

Android on Chromebooks! Here are some resources and apps to check out

Different ideas:

1. annotate a pdf and then put the pdf back in the teachers google drive for grading. Many of them are using google classroom so it might just be a learning curve.
There are a variety of web apps for working with PDFs
Kami works well, especially if you connect it to your Drive account. Here is more info: It is the mostly highly recommended tool for this.
Q: How can I or students edit a PDF file?
A: Two ways you can do this:
Convert the PDF into a Word or Google Doc format for editing

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Resources for working with PDF files on Chromebooks
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