May 25, 2024

Selected Character Editing Effect

Author: Greg Stager
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In this post, I expand upon my example of the blinking cursor effect by making it so that you can actually edit the characters and store them as a variable to be used elsewhere.

I use the tired old “Enter Your Name” scenario but, of course, you can have it be any sort of entry you like.

This project consists of two slides to show the storage and use of the entered name on the next slide.

The beauty behind this is that it simulates character entry on legacy equipment where you navigate left and right to select a particular character which blinks to let you know which one is the current active character. The up and down arrows then allow you to change the active character.

This project contains all of the capital letters, lower case letters, a space, a period, an ampersand, and the numbers 0 through 9. I have the default text set as Captivate and this is limited to nine characters.

Have some fun trying this out and let me know if you find any useful possibilities with it.

In another post, I will cover the code used to make this work.


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