April 22, 2024

SEO for Total Beginners – The Ultimate Tutorial

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SEO for Total Beginners – The Ultimate Tutorial, SEO for Beginners: learn the basics at your own pace and with plenty of support.

SEO for Total Beginners – The Ultimate Tutorial

What’s the difference between a site with no traffic that doesn’t even appear on Google and one that actually appears in search engines and gets you visitors and leads? This SEO for Beginners course. Learn the basics at your own pace and with plenty of support.

Learn the basic concepts and tools that you’ll need in order to get your site found on search engines like Google with this extremely beginner-friendly tutorial. Aren’t even sure what ‘SEO’ means? Tired of Agencies trying to sell SEO services with a bunch of jargon you don’t even understand? Then you’re in the right place.

Take control of your site’s success by learning how to get your potential visitors and customers to find you on search engines. Especially useful if you’re a small or medium business owner or aspiring blogger.

What you’ll Learn

– How to decide whether you should do your site’s SEO yourself, or hire an Agency to do it

– How to get your website to appear on Google results

– Understand the SEO process from start to finish

– Identify the best keywords for your website

– Properly optimize a post or page on your website

– What exactly are quality back links and how to get them

– How to make your website faster


– No previous SEO knowledge or experience is required.

– Positive attitude! So many people don’t even bother with SEO because it can seem overwhelming. Let’s power through!

Content and Overview

Suitable for non tech-savvy people, through this course of [44] short videos and [115] minutes of content, you’ll learn SEO fundamentals and end with a strong understanding of the kind of updates and changes you need to make to your site so it gets found by all those potential visitors.

We’ll go over the basic terms you should be familiar with, set a strong foundation on what exactly keywords are, what their connection is to your site and it’s content, and go through the importance of links, speed, mobile friendliness, copywriting and more, as well avoiding common SEO errors.

You’ll also learn how to improve your site’s SEO by making changes on WordPress and Weebly websites.

When you complete the course, you’ll have the knowledge on how to audit and start optimizing your website the right way.

We’ll provide you with extra readings, cheatsheets, tool recommendations and support in the forum answering all your questions.

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