April 24, 2024

Spartan/Crossfit Challenge Results

Author: Bonnie Wilson
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This year, the Crossfit and Spartan collided in the first-ever Spartan vs Crossfit Challenge. On Saturday, September 28th as part of Spartan World Championship weekend, the team challenge featured OCR athletes taking on some of the best from Crossfit. The event was scored on a points system, with honors going to the top athlete and the top team.

The Teams:

Men’s Spartan

  • Hunter McIntyre
  • Isiah Vidal
  • Matt Kempson

Men’s Crossfit

  • Chandler Smith
  • Sean Sweeney
  • Jacob Heppner

Women’s Spartan

  • Corrina Coffin

Women’s Crossfit

  • Emma Chapman

The Beast

The first event of the weekend was the 13.1 mile Spartan Beast. The Crossfit athletes had a 30-minute advantage to start.  Bonus points for the team title were awarded or lost for passing or being passed.

After the Beast, the participants took on 3 Crossfit-style WODS.  The 4th planned workout was canceled due to weather.

The Workouts: 

The Throwdown:

12x RAM Thruster (55lbs/33lbs)

20m RAM Overhead Lunge

2x Deadball Over the shoulder (150lbs/100lbs)

2x Deadball Over the Wall

jump over 4 ft wall and 6-foot wall.

Hells Hills:

4 Rounds

5 Dead Balls – ground to overhead (100lbs/70lbs). Then running increasing distances up a hill with double sandbags (120lbs/80 lbs).



400 Meter Run

Max Log Flips (400/280)

Final scores:

Team Spartan came out on top in both the men’s and women’s divisions. Hunter McIntyre from Team Spartan came in first and second, followed by Sean Sweeney from Team Crossfit in third. On the women’s side, Corinna Coffin came in first place over Emma Chapman from Team Crossfit.

Hunter McIntyre: 18 points

Isaiah Vidal : 13 points

Sean Sweeney – 12 points

Matt Kempson – 9 points

Jacob Heppner – 8 points

Chandler Smith – DNF due to injury


Corinna Coffin – 4 points

Emma Chapman – 1 point






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