May 28, 2024

Spartan Media Day & Pro Team Announcement

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Ahead of the 2019 Spartan US National Series launches this weekend in Jacksonville, Spartan is hosting a Media Day on Friday, February 22nd. Spartan will announce it’s 2019 Pro Team Members as well as give members of the media a chance to try out some of the new obstacles that racers will encounter this season. Keep your eye on Mud Run Guide’s social media for live updates.

From Spartan:

Spartan Media Day will kick off the 2019 Spartan US National Series and introduce the new Spartan Pro Team Roster. Athletes will be available for interviews and will demonstrate how to conquer signature obstacles, providing opportunities for media to try obstacles on the Spartan race course.

Media Day takes place ahead of the first race of Spartan’s 2019 US National Series, where the country’s best endurance athletes vie for more than $110,000 in prize money on the five-race circuit, which paves the road to the 2019 Spartan World Championship. Jacksonville’s fast and flat WW Ranch Motocross Park, a new venue for Spartan, will test athletes grit as they race across eight-miles of technical terrain and 25 obstacles on Spartan’s signature “Super” race course.

Hosted by Visit Jacksonville, Spartan’s Jacksonville Super and Sprint Weekend February 23 and 24 also offers opportunities for athletes of all ages and skill levels to hit the race course with open heats at the Super and three-mile, 20-obstacle “Sprint,” race courses. A Spartan Kids race is also offered at for youth ages four to 13.

2019 Spartan Pro Team

Region Country to Rep First Last 2019 Jersey No. M/F
NAM Canada Ryan Atkins 99 M
NAM Canada Lindsay Webster 2 F
NAM USA Robert Killian 3 M
NAM USA Ryan Woods 40 M
NAM USA Ryan Kent 12 M
NAM Slovenia Rea Kolbl 18 F
NAM USA Rebecca Hammond 111 F
NAM USA Nicole Mericle 5 F
NAM USA Alyssa Hawley 10 F
NAM USA Ben Greenfield 7 M
NAM Canada Austin Azar 44 M
NAM Canada Jessica Lemon 83 F
NAM Canada Mikhail Gerylo 42 M
NAM Canada Gabrielle-Anne Desy 82 F
NAM Canada Shaun Stephens-Whale 48 M
NAM Canada Arielle Fitzgerald 107 F
NAM Canada Morgan Mckay 120 F
NAM Canada Amanda Nadeau 115 F
NAM Canada Linzee Knowles 65 F
NAM Canada Sylvie Manaigre 116 F
NAM Canada Fran Del Castilho 20 F
NAM Canada Kristian Wieclawek 117 M
NAM Canada Samuel Hebert 56 M
NAM Canada Quinton Gill 118 M
NAM Canada Allison Tai 13 F
NAM Canada Jesse Bruce 61 M
NAM Canada Michelle Ford 97 F
NAM USA Isaiah Vidal 28 M
NAM USA Amelia Boone 11 F
NAM Brazil Johnny Luna-Lima 67 M
NAM USA Ian Hosek 16 M
NAM USA Mark Batres 25 M
NAM USA Matthew Kempson 36 M
NAM USA Brakken Kraker 15 M
NAM USA Ryan Kempson 73 M
NAM USA Veejay Jones 4 M
NAM USA Greyson Kilgore 19 M
NAM USA Cassandra Ohman 101 F
NAM USA David Magida 8 M
NAM USA Kevin Donoghue 33 M
NAM USA Kevin Gillotti 88 M
NAM USA Glenn Racz 17 M
NAM USA Joshua Fiore 119 M
NAM USA Forrest Bouge 23 M
NAM USA Trever Townsend 58 M
NAM USA Cali Schweikhart 26 F
NAM USA Tyler Veerman 29 M
NAM USA Heather Gollnick 92 F
NAM USA Alexandra Walker 77 F
NAM USA John Howell 37 M
NAM USA Kirk DeWindt 6 M
NAM USA Hunter Russell 22 M
NAM USA Ian Deyerle 35 M
NAM USA Jesse McChesney 24 M
NAM USA Matthew Taverner 46 M
NAM USA Victor Quezada 49 M
NAM USA Chuck Hewett 51 M
NAM USA Frankie DiSomma 27 M
NAM USA Mike Ferguson 86 M
NAM USA Logan Broadbent 54 M
NAM USA Matt Liptak 55 M
NAM USA Jordon Buscemi 122 M
NAM USA Taylor Turney 57 M
NAM USA Leona Moat 72 F
NAM USA Sara Knight 70 F
NAM USA Samantha Wood 79 F
NAM USA Tiffany Palmer 110 F
NAM USA Janet Barry 81 F
NAM USA Cindy Lynch 47 F
NAM USA Jackie Landmark 84 F
NAM USA Natalie Miano 85 F
NAM USA Timmie Brann 128 F
NAM USA Brittney McGuire 91 F
NAM USA Jenny Tobin 93 F
NAM USA Laura Cummings 94 F
NAM USA Evelyne Ruiz 96 F
NAM USA Rebekah Myers 98 F
NAM USA Anne L’Heureux 31 F
NAM USA Laura Rogers 103 F
NAM USA Rachel Hamrick 32 F
NAM USA Jamie Brusa 123 F
NAM USA Ean Caskey 137 M
NAM USA Imogen Cross 30 F
NAM USA Chrisa Dustman 124 F
NAM USA Cera Edgley 34 F
NAM USA Sally Thompson 125 F
NAM USA Josh Fry 114 M
NAM USA Ashley Heller 126 F
NAM USA Zach Jarvis 127 M
NAM GEORGIA Lefty Kapanadze 113 M
NAM USA Bryan McCombs 129 M
NAM USA Kaci Monroe 130 F
NAM USA Faye Morgan 131 F
NAM USA Aaron Newell 69 M
NAM USA John Penland 133 M
NAM USA Tenesha Robinson 134 F
NAM USA Kristopher Scott 136 M
NAM USA Callie Seidl 41 F
NAM USA Emilee Smith 121 F
NAM USA Chris Spurrier 112 M
NAM USA Lindsay Thoreson 138 F
NAM USA Lauren Tierney 139 F
NAM USA Brent Trail 140 M
NAM AUSTRALIA Christina Van Der Hulst 141 F
NAM USA Leigh Anne Wasteney 9 F
NAM USA John Yatsko 142 M
NAM FRANCE Myriame Essalki 104 F
NAM UK Steve Hammond 52 M
NAM USA Kelly Sullivan 135 F
NAM MEXICO Ivan Santana 75 M
NAM USA Ashley Etue 218 F
NAM Mexico Eugenio Godinez 59 M
NAM Mexico Berenice Barrera 62 F
NAM Mexico Maricarmen Barriga 143 F
NAM Mexico Mauricio Martinez 63 M
WEU France Thibault Jean 68 M
WEU France Angelique Chetaneau 76 F
WEU France Myriam Guillot-Boisset 175 F
WEU France Amandine Delbreil 78 F
WEU France Laura Girod 80 F
WEU France Thomas Blanc 144 M
WEU France Michka Guillot 89 M
WEU France Stephane Ollion 105 M
WEU Spain Ona Sociats Razquin 145 F
WEU Spain Laura Salas Serra 146 F
WEU Spain Alejandro Samper Jara 147 M
WEU Spain Albert Soley Castells 106 M
WEU Spain Aníbal Fidalgo 108 M
WEU Spain Elena Rueda 109 F
WEU Spain Miriam Araujo Goicoechea 177 F
WEU Spain Israel Ferrero 178 M
WEU Spain José María Resano 179 M
WEU Spain Francho Álvarez del Manzano 180 M
WEU Italy Manuel Moriconi 149 M
WEU Italy Luca Pescollderungg 150 M
WEU Germany Charles Franzke 152 M
WEU Germany Jan-Philip Dieckmann 153 M
WEU Germany Simon Weig 154 M
WEU UK Luke De-Benedictis 155 M
WEU UK Jesse Betts 156 M
WEU UK Scott Barker 157 M
WEU UK Natasha Mansell 176 F
WEU Jade Skillen 183 F
WEU Andrea Berquez 184 F
WEU Jack Carpenter 185 M
WEU Austria Petra Gruber 159 F
CEU Poland Kamil Kozioł 164 M
APAC USA Jamie Nunn 166 F
APAC Switzerland Maggie Cvetkovic 167 F
APAC USA Johnny Tieu 191 M
APAC UK Ian Deeth 168 M
APAC Singapore Joelle Lim 197 F
APAC Malaysia Saddam Pittli 199 M
APAC Japan Sekiyoshi Daisuke 170 M
APAC Japan Michiko Sato 204 F
APAC Japan Chie Crawford 219 F
APAC Australia Brendan Hunt 171 M
APAC Australia Jade Hunt 172 F
APAC Australia Lachlan Dansie 173 M
APAC NEW ZEALAND Callum Meehan 169 M
LATAM Chile Simona Quintana 207 F
LATAM Chile Hugo Godoy 208 M
LATAM Brazil Sul Rosa 215 F
MEA Norway Hallvard Borsheim 158 M

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