SPLASH, SPLASH 🛀🎶 Best Bath Songs + Good Habits for kids | Lingokids

SPLASH, SPLASH 🛀🎶  Best Bath Songs + Good Habits for kids | Lingokids
SPLASH, SPLASH 🛀🎶  Best Bath Songs + Good Habits for kids | Lingokids

Video by Lingokids Songs and Playlearning via YouTube
SPLASH, SPLASH 🛀🎶  Best Bath Songs + Good Habits for kids | Lingokids

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Grab those rubber ducks because it’s bathtime! Enjoy this compilation of bath songs to make this part of your little one’s daily routine a bit more fun.

In this Bath Songs for kids video:
00:00 Lingokids intro
00:02 Bubbles Chant
02:27 Washing Hands Song With Real Pictures
04:05 Brushing Teeth Song
05:51 It’s Raining It’s Pouring In The Rainforest
07:38 This Is The Way We Wash Our Clothes
09:17 Code Masters Song
11:30 Like This Lingokids Song
14:11 Let’s Dance Baby Shark Song Lingokids Edition
17:04 Lingokids Bubbles Dance Song
18:57 A Sailor Went To Sea
20:32 Under The Sea Song
22:12 Arctic Animals Song
23:53 Lingocamp Friendship Song
25:44 Five Little Ducks
27:13 Bathroom Routines Game With Elliot And Lisa
29:24 Bathtime! Audiobook for kids
30:04 More songs, activities, and podcasts on our Youtube channels
30:13 The full interactive adventure in the Lingokids app

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SPLASH, SPLASH 🛀🎶 Best Bath Songs + Good Habits for kids | Lingokids
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