May 22, 2024

State Requirements – PDH Continuing Education requirement by state


Currently there are forty two states (indicated on the right side of this page) that require continuing professional competency (CPC) for licensed Professional Engineers. If you are licensed in any one of these states, then you need to satisfy the continuing education PDH or CEU requirements mandated by your State Licensing Board. For specific information regarding your state requirements, click on your state of licensure.

The following is a statistical summary of the general or common requirements among these states:

States that pre-approve continuing education sponsors

Six states pre-approve continuing education sponsors. These pre-approval states are:

  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Maryland
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina

CEDengineering is a Board Approved PDH and CEU online provider of continuing education engineering courses for Professional Engineers in all seven states listed above. Please click on Approved Sponsor to view our State Licensing Board approval letters.

States that do not require pre-approval of continuing education sponsors

All other states do not pre-approve sponsors or courses. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that the courses you select are in compliance with the rules of your State Licensing Board.

Generally, distance learning, correspondence courses and online education are accepted by all State Licensing Boards provided that:

  • The course or activity is “a course or activity whose purpose and objective are clear with a content that will maintain, improve or expand the skills and knowledge of the licensee’s field of practice”, as stated in the NCEES CPC Guidelines.
  • The completion of the course can be independently verified by issuing a quiz and grading it with the results being maintained by the course provider for a period of time specified by each State Licensing Board.

For your convenience, courses are in compliance with all State Licensing Boards as they are prepared in accordance with the NCEES CPC Guidelines. Furthermore, our courses are supplemented with a professional quiz process intended to evaluate the engineer’s effort to strengthen and maintain competency in the technical, managerial, or ethical fields.

As such, courses are accepted by all the non-preapproval State Licensing Boards. So, if you complete a online course that your licensing board does not accept for any reason, not only we will refund you the full purchase price of the course, but we will offer you a replacement course of equivalent number of PDH or CEU credits at no additional cost. (Refer to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy.)

States that limit the number of online PDH’s

The following states impose limitations on the number of PDH’s that can be earned each renewal period as follows:

  • Idaho – up to 6 online PDH’s
  • Illinois – up to 10 online PDH’s for Structural Engineers only
  • Iowa – up to 10 online PDH’s
  • New York – up to 18 online PDH’s of “Educational Activities”
  • Ohio – up to 6 online PDH’s
  • Wisonsin – up to 17 online PDH’s

All other states have no restrictions on the number of PDH’s that can be earned each renewal period through online continuing education.

States that require recordkeeping and reporting

You are ultimately responsible for maintaining and submitting all records of your course activities required by your State Licensing Board. Therefore, we highly recommend that you print the “Certificate of Completion”, prepare a PDH Activity Log for your records, and submit to your State Licensing Board when requested.

For your convenience, maintains your PDH course activities in your Account History for a period of 10 years, which exceeds the minimum requirements of any State Licensing Board. You can access your account at anytime to retrieve your PDH course activities. However, is not required to report your PDH course activities to any State Licensing Board.
If you have any question on how to maintain or report your PDH credits to your state of licensure, or how to retrieve your PDH records from your Account History, or about your state requirements in general, please contact us at