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Jisc cyber community group welcomes 1000th member

Author: Go to Source 20 March 2023 A Jisc-run community group for cyber security professionals at colleges, universities and research centres in the UK has just signed up its 1000th member. Launched at the Jisc security conference in November 2021, the cyber security community group runs through a Microsoft Teams site hosted by Jisc. […]

Two useful briefings on generative AI: and why it is potentially dangerous for public education

Author: Tony Bates Go to Source Davis, V.L. (2023) WCET Primer for Higher Education: General Brief on Generative AI Boulder, CO: WCET If you are not a member of WCET, I highly recommend this open access primer on Generative AI, such as ChatGPT and DALL-E. The paper provides a brief description of how generative AI […]

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