December 4, 2023
Tech takes: IT and research working together

Tech takes: IT and research working together

Tech takes: IT and research working together

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During this episode of the Tech takes podcast, we chat with Jason Oliver, Director of IT, and Claire Gryce, Deputy Director of IT, both of the University of Sussex.

Jason and Claire explore the relationship and challenges that exist between research communities and the provision of IT services centrally. They also delve into the importance of developing a  culture around digital transformation. We then move into discussing how digital was key for collaboration during the pandemic and how necessary digital skills are.

Together they conclude by discussing staff retention and recruitment, as well as the impact and challenges that exist around cyber security. 

Episode sponsor

This episode is sponsored by KHIPU Networks, an award-winning international cyber security company, who provide a wide range of next-generation network, wireless and cyber security solutions, technologies and services into the education sector. Find KHIPU Networks at the security conference to learn more about the Jisc Managed Firewall Service. 

Show notes

Episode guests

Tech takes: IT and research working together

Jason Oliver
Chief Digital Transformation Officer
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Claire Gryce

Clare Gryce
Deputy IT Director 


Episode host

Andy Powell

Andy Powell
Cloud chief technology officer, Jisc


Episode producer

Mark Lennon

Mark Lennon
Digital campaign manager, Jisc

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