July 14, 2024

The Best Value for Money Learning Management Systems for Small Businesses (SMBs). #Infographic @elearnindustry

Author: Juan José Calderón Amador
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Hoy traemos a este espacio esta infografía de elLearning Industry titulada

The Best Value for Money Learning Management Systems (LMSs) for Small Businesses (SMBs)

To optimize your buying decision process, we used the pricing scenario below to determine the ranking in this Top 20 LMS list. Then we compared Learning Management Systems based on a common set of 27 features, total implementation cost, usage over a two year period, and real customer reviews.
An SMB wants to train its 500 employees. Vendor support is needed during business hours.
  • Unique User Logins: 50 monthly/400 annually
  • Course Enrollments: 100 monthly/1,000 annually
  • Concurrent Users: 10 average/30 peak
  • Duration: 2-year contract
  • Software pricing based on the above scenario, per month.

Top 20 Best Value for Money Learning Management Systems for Small Businesses (SMBs)

  1. TalentLMS is a super-easy cloud LMS that makes effective usage of your time and maximizes the training output. Read more
  2. UpsideLMS is a best value, SaaS LMS that manages Online, Formal, Informal, Social and Mobile Learning (with its Offline Mobile App, UpsideLMS Mobile) easily & cost-effectively. It has won 20+ awards and is trusted by 1M+ users worldwide. Read more
  3. Learn the easy way. With Coassemble’s all-in-one online training platform. Create, deliver, train and report all from the one place. Easy! Read more
  4. LearnUpon’s LMS helps you to train your employees, partners, and customers. Manage, track, and achieve your learning goals — all through a single, powerful solution. Read more
  5. The e-Learning platform (LMS) with 6 solutions that can be activated according to your specific needs: Training Management, Courses Distribution in SCORM format, Creation of courses, HR Management, E-commerce & Website, Company Intranet. Read more
  6. ZoomLearn is a freemium LMS on the cloud where corporate and educational entities can run their training by uploading their courses, and their learners, assign courses from the marketplace. Any content provider can upload their course in the marketplace. Read more
  7. Skillcast LMS is a fully-managed, cloud-based LMS that enables companies to deliver e-learning and compliance apps on a single platform. It can be pre-loaded with compliance & risk course libraries, making it a top choice for regulatory compliance. Read more
  8. Finally, an LMS that puts content first. Eurekos is a content-first learning management system that helps customers and partners accelerate the creation and delivery of high-impact content learning. Read more
  9. Sofia is a corporate LMS, build to reduce redundant expenditure that occurs in traditional employee training techniques. Sofia LMS utilizes industry leading standards such as Blended Learning, Web Conferencing, and Gamification. Read more
  10. Looking for an easy and effective LMS without the hassle that’s goes with big clunky systems? Than we have the solution for you! Create e-learning lessons that are fun and effective with our easy to use LMS. Read more
  11. Didacte is tailormade for SMBs and Professional Associations looking to train their members while tracking their progression curves. No need to be tech-savvy, you are fully autonomous. Support is fully bilingual (French and English) Read more
  12. Effortlessly manage your elearning programme with our simple Nimble LMS. Whether you’ve a serious number of learners or just a few, our LMS makes managing your elearning programme easy. Includes a free Nimble Author licence, training & support. Read more
  13. Open-source LMS, that improves access to education. Backed up by the Chamilo Association, aiming for promotion of the software, maintenance of a clear communication channel and building of a network of services providers and software contributors. Read more
  14. A highly-secure, cloud-based, mobile-responsive LMS with next generation features incl powerful analytics, in-built translation, gamification suite, compliance management, facial recognition. Available in multiple languages, with fully connected API. Read more
  15. An LMS developed for companies of all sizes. Core functionalities include certification and compliance management, content authoring, social learning, and SCORM compliance. Read more
  16. Redefine corporate training and what you should expect in a modern LMS. Asentia’s new innovative concepts in user experience engages users, reduces administration and cost, and allows your organization to ascend to new levels of performance. Read more
  17. Docebo is changing the way people learn with artificial intelligence and a powerful learner-centric platform to train, engage, and retain enterprise employees, customers, and partners – worldwide. Read more
  18. Agylia LMS is a powerful learning platform with mobile, social and microlearning features that delivers today’s modern learning experiences. Fully mobile, Agylia makes digital learning accessible anywhere – even offline. Read more
  19. My Learning Hub is a simple, feature-rich LMS that creates an engaging and competitive learning environment. Read more
  20. KMI specializes in Extended Enterprise eLearning, customization and integration. The KMI LMS is simple but powerful. As such it enables management of users & content with ease on all devices and for all types of outward facing initiatives. Read more
Top 20 LMS Software Value for money (for SMBs) February 2019

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