May 22, 2024

The GIF(t) of Impact

Author: mweller
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Back in 2017 I blogged how ALT had taken a different approach to developing strategy which had made the often dry, boring process more engaging and meaningful. Well, it’s now nearly 2020 and we’re developing a new strategy, so ALT have handily updated on what they achieved over the last strategy period. And as well as a nice report, we have GIFs! It may seem trivial, but I think being able to boil your outcomes down to some GIFs may be both a useful exercise in practising clarity of message, and also make them more social media friendly. It’s a practice I may adopt on other projects too (although one should be aware of accessibility issues and ensure this is not the only method of dissemination). Don’t worry if you can’t grab the info from the gifs, it’s all in the report.

So here are the GIFs. First up, some big numbers, that show the range of communications, including youtube videos (mainly conference presentations), blog posts, webinars and a very active twitter community.

Then one which highlights the ALT members activity and how we celebrate different voices in ed tech (this is particularly important when more conferences sell keynote slots to big vendors – providing a diverse, independent voice is needed more than ever).

And lastly, the professional body aspect as embodied in CMALT.

Gif of ALT impact report

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