September 26, 2023

The importance of a good review(er) for educational technology research

Author: Linda Corrin

The process of peer review has been central to academic publishing in educational technology for at least 50 years. In this editorial we discuss what makes a good review as well as a good reviewer for AJET. This includes an overview of the peer review process and the identification of key features of a good review. We discuss the selection and appointment of reviewers with reference specifically to AJET, and how decisions are made when assigning reviewers to articles. Current challenges facing peer review both broadly in academia and specifically in our field involve the intersection of increasing demand for reviews (due to an expansion of the number of journals), limited opportunities for professional development, and decreasing time available for service to the academy and community for researchers. We conclude with a discussion of the future of peer review practices and how these relate to future directions for AJET.

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