April 13, 2024

The Importance of “Belief”

Author: George
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I wrote this in 2014:


I have always believed the importance of relationships and how they are foundation of a great school, classroom, or organization, but having “belief” in every student you interact with, no matter how hard it is and where they have come from, can make all of the difference.

If we don’t believe kids can change the world or even just make it a better place to live, they are already starting in deficit.

Embodying that one little word, can make a huge difference for a kid who needs you more than you will ever know.

So when our students are starting the school year, do they know that have the power to impact the lives of others in meaningful ways? I do a lot better with people that I know are rooting for my success, and our students are no different.  It is not enough to have this belief in all of our students but to ensure they know we believe they can make a purposeful impact in the world.

Over five years after writing that blog, the word belief is one that is just as important to me than ever.

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