The state of digital learning in higher education and more

The state of digital learning in higher education and more
The state of digital learning in higher education and more

The state of digital learning in higher education in British Columbia

EdTech Factotum

Each year the Canadian Digital Learning Research Association (CDLRA) conducts a pan-Canadian survey of post-secondary institutions on the state of digital learning in Canada. The CDLRA is affiliated with the US-based Bay View Analytics group and, as such, tracks similar trends in distance, open & online education but with a Canadian focus. …


A New Degree of EdTech (ft. Aditya Malik) | Ep.5 – šŸŽ™ļø Anatomy of Ed

Masters’ Union Edtech in India has scaled at a staggering pace in recent years. With students being ushered from physical classrooms into online …

Inclusive Learning 365: Edtech Strategies for Every Day of the Year

Easy Way to Print out Infographics and Posters

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

An increasing number of teachers email me asking about ways to print large posters and infographics. While I am not an expert in printing but I can offer some helpful tips. The first thing to keep in mind is to always save your infographic in PDF format and not PNG format. PDFs lend themselves to high quality resolutions in print.Ā  Also, before yo…

Future of EdTech – Episode 10 – JeemCast

Jeem Cast 00:00 Lets Start 00:23 What is Kis Uni? 01:51 School Life 04:05 Choosing a University 06:02 Getting into LUMS, IBA, GIKI & NUST …

Amity University Signs MOU With Edu Brain Overseas To Provide International Internships

Education Technology (EdTech) Media & Community – EdTechReview

Amity University, Gwalior, has recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Edu Brain Overseas to get the best international internship programmes and overseas placement opportunities for its students, according to an official statement. …

Episode 145 Healing Burnout: Work-Life Balance

My EdTech Life Maggie Perkins is a teacher advocate and a former classroom teacher of 8 years. She promotes work-life balance and healing …

Exploration of Studentsā€™ Social Presence in Web-Based Discussion for Conceptual Learning of Organic Chemistry

Latest Results for Journal of Science Education and Technology

The current work reports the results of studentsā€™ social presence in web-based discussions for their conceptual learning of organic chemistry. The results in this study were collected from the examined students-students, students-instructor, and students-learning materials interactions via the designed web-bas…

Finding Tags

FWISD EDTech In this video, learn how to find Tags in the Finder app on macOS.

Optical Computingā€™s Potential for Higher Education

EdTech Magazine: Higher Ed

With the evolution of optical computing, also known as photonic computing, we now can transmit data via light as opposed to electronic circuitry used in traditional computing. TakeĀ GoogleĀ Fiber, for instance, which transmits information through fiber optic cables. The use of light to carry data certainly has its advantages; among other things, itā€™s…

Using Technology to Improve Education for Marginalised Girls: Lessons in Implementation from the Girlsā€™ Education Challenge

EdTech Hub

The Girlsā€™ Education Challenge (GEC) was launched by the UKā€™s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) in 2012 as a 12-year commitment to reach the most marginalised girls in the world and is the largest global fund dedicated to girlsā€™ education. Within the GECā€™s second phase, a second cohort of girls is being supported through Lea…

3 Strategies to Boost Civics Education


by Tom Driscoll, EdTechTeacher CEO and Shawn McCusker, Authors of Becoming Active Citizens: Practices to Engage Students in Civics Education Across the Curriculum. [This post was originally published on Edutopia, linked here] Todayā€™s students are engaging in civil discourseā€”constructive dialogue that seeks to advance the public interestā€”and a…

Union: Drop simultaneous in person, online instruction

SmartBrief on EdTech

The Connecticut Education Association is urging the state to drop a recommendation that would make dual instruction — simultĀ -More-Ā …

Q&A: Bold Schools Can Use Technology to Serve Pedagogy

EdTech Magazine: K-12

In the classroom, pedagogy rules ā€” or, at least, it should, according to Weston Kieschnick, education consultant, podcaster and author of the booksĀ Bold School: Old School Wisdom + New School TechnologiesĀ andĀ The Educatorā€™s Atlas: Your Roadmap to Engagement. EdTech: Focus on Kā€“12Ā spoke with him about his vision for integrating tech into teaching so…

Best of EdTech Update for September 27, 2022

EdTech Update Daily

Best of EdTech Update September 27, 2022 Hot Topics for September 27, 2022 E-rate (2) Data (8) EdTech (7) Outcomes (4) Libraries (4) Android (2) Meeting (6) Study (6) How To (8) Laptops (2) Technology (11) Education (14) Accessibility (6) Student Engagement (2) Resources (7) System (5) Elementary (3) …

The state of digital learning in higher education and more
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