December 2, 2023

Top 3 Storyline Template Styles of 2018

Author: Stephanie Ivec
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Attention, Articulate Storyline users! Have you checked out our Template Styles yet? These are the perfect course starters if you’re suffering from designer’s block—or just want to whip up a full course in no time!

Each style includes 31 complementary layouts and interactions so your course has looks cohesive no matter how you mix and match the different styles. Choose from:

  • 10 Click to Reveals
  • 6 Drag & Drops
  • 1 Layout (25+ screens)
  • 1 Quiz (7 screens)
  • Various scenarios, timelines, games, and knowledge checks


Can’t decide which to use? Here are the top 3 most downloaded Storyline styles from 2018.



This modern style features an easy on the eyes color palette. Pops of yellow and blue give Cobalt an assertive, but not over the top, edge.

Take a look at a few of the layouts available if you choose Cobalt for your next eLearning development project;

cobalt storyline course starter template style

View all the other Cobalt layouts in the eLearning Brothers Storyline Template Library.


Flat Blue

Bright and welcoming, Flat Blue is an invigorating and professional-looking style. This cool course starter is perfectly designed for corporate training and eLearning in the healthcare industry.

Here are a few examples:

flat blue storyline

See all the Flat Blue layouts available in the eLearning Brothers Storyline Template Library.

New Stone

New Stone was one of the first family of layouts that we designed! In true eLearning Brothers fashion, it’s fun but professional. Bright colors pop against stone backgrounds.

Here are a few different options from the New Stone style:

new stone storyline layout style

See all the New Stone layouts available in the eLearning Brothers Storyline Template Library.

What was your favorite Storyline template from 2018? My 2019 prediction is that the Apple Tree style will be big next year!


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